November 02, 2004


well today is election day. i voted for bush. i think so far bush is winning. i hope he does win!!
anyway today i went and got a new dvd player. i even tried it out to check if it works and it does so far
on sunday i went to barnes and nobles and got some new books. i have been reading this series called Daughters of the moon. i got 6 of them this summer and read them. and then i got 4 more of them on sunday and i have been reading them. i am on #10. there are 12 total so far. so when i get some more money i am going to go get them. i am also getting into another series called the A-list. i got the first 2 this summer and another one just came out so i got that on sunday too. i just can't wait until the next harry potter comes out. if you want to get me a gift, get me a gift card to barnes and nobles or just buy me a book!! i love to read if you can't tell. well i am going to go watch the news some more to see how the polls are going

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