April 30, 2007

Red River

so my friends took me out to a bar on saturday. it was pretty fun. i got kinda drunk but no throwing up or anything like that. but it was kinda funny when scooter was trying to teach me how to dance and i kept tripping over myself and totally not getting it. then we went to play pool and i only won the first game because scooter hit a couple of my balls in on accident. but he won the second game.
then i sent him a text message saying that i liked him. but i am not sure if he likes me like that or that i just made a complete fool of myself. but i really do like him....grrr, i think i am the only 21 year old in america that has never been kissed or had a boyfriend.
so that is the story of my first time at a bar.

April 24, 2007

its my birthday!!

so today i turned 21!! i can't really believe it!! i got a new bigger tv for my room that i got to pick out! and we got an extra long cable cord and strung it down the hall so now i have cable in my room!! :) that is my favorite present. maybe i will post a picture of it here later!
the semester is almost over! i am so glad! i have 2 test this week and then a final next week and then i am done! then i get almost a month off before summer school starts! i am glad that i get some time off!
for my entreprenuerism class we had to start a business and had to come up with a business plan like we were really going to start it. i am so proud of it! we got a 100 and so everyone in my group made a copy of it because it feels like the best thing we have ever done! i think i will take a picture of it and post up here too!

April 09, 2007

its been a while...

so i know i haven't posted anything in a while but i am back and will try to update more....just sometimes there isn't anything to say. i am going to change my major to MIS(management information systems) i really haven't taken any classes in it yet but i think i will like it... i hope! so even with changing my major i should still be able to graduate next may. if i was going to change to something outside of the business school i wouldn't be able to graduate next may. so i am sticking with business. my brother came home last weekend for easter and my dad's birthday. my birthday is in a couple of weeks i am going to be 21! i think i am going to go out with some friends but i am not sure where. classes will end in 3 weeks. i can't wait!