December 30, 2008

no jobs here

so christmas break has been pretty good. but it seemed like anyone wanted to talk to me about was if i had gotten a job yet. did i have any interviews that day or any question related to getting a job. it is really getting on my nerves ok! NO i don't know what i want to do and NO i haven't had any job interviews recently. i am sorry that not that many people have jobs open and no i am not going to apply to mcdonalds.....i didn't just spend 4 years in college to work there. i think i should get a better job than that. i guess that sounds bad but seriously! i wouldn't mind being a manager there but not many of those jobs open right now. sometimes i just want to get up a leave and go somewhere else but every time i say that, my parents laugh at me saying that i wouldn't do that. ha! sometimes i just want to show them. i just don't know what i want to do.
sorry for all the complaining. it just bothers me that everyone seems to be on my case.

December 11, 2008

winter fun

so last night it actually snowed here! it was awesome. it didn't stay on the ground where i live but there were lots of nearby areas that actually had snow stay on the ground! :)
so i am working on christmas shopping. i am like half way done. tomorrow i am getting my hair cut. i am also going to try to finish up shopping tomorrow.
in a week ainsley and my grandma are coming home. and in a week from saturday, i will be graduating! i hope to have my shopping done by the time everyone comes home. christmas is in 2 weeks.
i went to the dentist the other day and it ended up i have cavities so i went today to get them filled in. so my mouth was numb.

December 05, 2008

i am done with school!

so i am done with school! :) i already know i have an A and a B but i am not sure about my other 2 grades. i know i at least got a B in one other class. but i am not sure about statistics. it feels good not to have to worry about studying or doing homework.
i was able to sell one of my statistics books yesterday but i have another copy to sell. i have someone that is interested but we haven't really set a day/time to do it. so it is not official.
it is pretty cold outside. we actually have the heat on and i am wearing long pants and sweaters and stuff.

December 03, 2008


so i put up flyers around school to try to sell my stats book. they won't take it back at the bookstore because it is one of the books that is not bound so once you open the package, they won't buy it back. so i finally got someone interested. but we haven't actually met to exchange money/books so it isn't officially sold yet but i am on the way there. and i guess yesterday started my good luck in selling things again. someone bought one of my listings on amazon. i have sold 12 things so it averages out to be once a month because i started selling stuff last november on amazon. after school is out, i am really going to go through my room and clean it out. i really feel like i have too much stuff. i might sell some of it but i will probably end up donating a lot of stuff. i hope a lot of people buy a lot of my listings for christmas.
so today i took my 2nd to last test of college! tomorrow i have my statistics test. it will be my last test of college unless i go back for graduate school or something. i already know that i made an A in one of my management classes. and i think i will be getting Bs in my other management classes. and i am not sure about statistics. i can either get a B, C, or D. i can't get an A because i would have to get like a 115 or something. and i can't fail because i would have to get a negative number for that so i am feelling pretty good about it.

December 02, 2008

the end of the semester!

i only have 2 more days left of school! yay! i just have 2 tests left! i am 99% positive that i will pass and graduate! i can't believe that it is almost here! i sent out graduation announcements today to a couple of people. if you want an announcement, just e-mail me or comment on this post. i am also getting ready to send out Christmas cards. if you want one, do the same as above!
when i ordered my graduation announcements in october, i got a comfirmation e-mail. it had a spelling mistake on my name. so i e-mailed them to correct it and they said they would. well guess what happened? they still had a spelling mistake! but thank goodness, it was just in the address labels. so i still sent out some to people that really know me and know how to spell my name. and i am not sure how many will notice it. oh well. i email them and they are going to send me new address labels for free. so i guess i will wait to send out more. i am not sure who else to send them to anyway.
the good news is that i have started christmas shopping! :) well i ordered something online so i needed to do it early anyway. i think i can get the rest at the regular store.

November 11, 2008

3 weeks left!

so after this week, i only have 3 weeks left of school. that includes the week of thanksgiving which i only go to school for 2 days. after this week i am practically done. i would be finished with 2 of my classes. the other 2 classes just have last test on december 3 and 4! then i have to wait 2 weeks to actually graduate. i need to start looking for a job again. i have been so busy lately that i haven't really been looking. i went to a job fair like a month ago and handed out a lot of resumes and i have my resume online and i have applied to a couple of places online too. i am kinda dissappointed that i haven't heard from anyone. whatever. i will get back into it soon. i just need to get through this week.

November 04, 2008

1 month of school

so 1 month from today i will be taking my last test in college! but it seems like all my teachers are having everything due during this week and next week. but after that i can relax for a couple of weeks before my last test! :) i am ready for graduation. but i know once i graduate, my parents are really going to get on me to find a job. i am having a feeling that it will be pretty hard. i am more scared of that than trying to get through the next couple of weeks. i know i am going to have a tough time trying to find a job. a lot of ones that i think will sound interesting, i read the part that say must have so many years of experience...... HA! i don' t have that! sorry!

president obama

we are going to have to get used to that. oddly i am ok with it. i am getting used to it. i wasn't sure who was going to win so which ever one won i would still be surprised. i kinda wish hilary would have won but that is ok. this year we would have made history no matter who won. i think it will be an interesting 4 years. and i am tired of all the political commercials on tv. i hate all the commercial talking about all the mistakes someone has made. sorry we are all human.

October 19, 2008

Part time job!

so i have a part time job for the next month or so. i am on the early election signature ballot verification committe. i think that is what it is called. anyway i basically check to make sure that the signature on the ballot matches the signature on the early voting application. i make $7 an hour. :)
i also got my graduation announcements yesterday. i need to look at them to make sure they gave me the right number and spelled my name right and all that.

October 05, 2008


so i bought my cap and gown for graduation. they sell it to you by height. so i went and asked if i could try it on to make sure it fits. they were like no just pick out your height and it should fit but if it doesn't, you can return it. so of course i get home and it doesn't fit! typical! so i now have to go back and return it and figure out which one would fit. when i was graduating from cy-fair they had it so you can try on samples and then buy the one that fit. so you knew that you were buying something that fit. UH sure does seem to do things backwards.
the good thing is that i ordered my graduation announcements. hopefully they will arrive with no mistakes.

first job interview

so last tuesday i had a job interview at primerica. it started out alright. they gave a presentation. it sounded alright until i started asking questions. i found out that they offer NO benefits and it is ALL comission on sales. no base salary at all. you can ended up making a lot of money. but there is no gaurantee at all. and first you have to go get a license too. you can't earn any money until you get it. you can go and work with someone at the company while you are doing that but you will earn NOTHING until that happens. i am looking for a job that has at least some gaurentee of benefits and salary. so i ended up being so disappointed. it started out great because they were like you can make TONS OF MONEY! they kept pushing that. but they didn't want to talk about how there are NO BENEFITS! then they started to pressure me to accept a job right then and everything. i couldn't do that. so i was like GIVE ME A FEW DAYS ALRIGHT!!! especially since i had 2 tests last week. so for everyone looking at them be careful! don't be pressured into doing anything with them. i am not sure i like how they operate anyway.

September 22, 2008

i love school computers!

so i have been getting to know the school computers very well! since i STILL don't have power, i am on the school computers to check my e-mail and do school work and print stuff. i don't want to use my laptop that much because once the battery dies, i don't have a place to charge it really unless i take it with me to school. we finally got a generator and i guess i could charge my computer on that but i would rather use the power for fans and tv and the refrigerator and lights. our cable is out because we tried to watch cable but it wouldn't come in. so we are using the bunny ears to watch the basic channels but i still got my simpsons fix last night! :) part of my neighborhood has power but my block doesn't have power. i am not sure what is going on but i hope they fix it soon! but i am happier because i can finally print my homework at school!! so that is taking a stress off. i hope to post pictures soon!!

September 17, 2008

hurricane ike

so hurricane ike has come and gone. we lost power about 10pm on friday night. so we all went to bed. the winds were starting to get pretty bad. about 3am i moved downstair and slept in my parent's bathroom. at about 4am i was up and i look outside. i noticed that one of our trees wasn't straight anymore. it ended up falling and breaking a set of windows in my living room. we have a tarp set in there until we fix it. it took us 4 days to clean up. we had someone come by and chop up the the fallen tree. but it seemed like we had it the worst on our street. some people in the neighborhood don't seem to be affected at all!!!! then there are some like us. and some in between. but every day during the clean up, i was so tired afterwards. we still don't have power so the only time i can get on the internet is at school or at some place that lets us get on the internet like yesterday i was a panera bread. i wish we would get power NOW! we have been going out to eat a lot the past few days because a lot of stuff that we have has gone bad. and we can only grill out which is what we did the first few days. we have been sleeping with the windows open to let the cool air in. it is so lucky that we are having a cool front. but i think we might all get sick with having the windows open and the cold air coming in.

September 09, 2008

anyone out there?

i know i am not much on commenting on peoples blogs (well i only read like 3 that are out there.....) but i do comment when i feel strongly about something or really feel like saying something. but i always wonder who is visiting my blog. maybe i should call this the roll call post or something. i would like to meet the people that are reading my blog. comment please and introduce yourself! if i already know you, just say hi! and add a stupid comment or something!
instead of my knees hurting, my left foot hurts. i used to get those charlie horses all the time and a lot of times during swim practice (which really hurts by the way!) i wonder if this is connected to that. like if i sit for a while and then get up, it hurts to walk on. then once i walk around for a while it would stop hurting and feel normal again. maybe i should take more vitamins.
tomorrow i am actually going to take my computer to school! i just hope it doesn't get broken/stolen. i need to take it because tomorrow is sign up day to schedule my first statistics test (which is taken on a computer at school so that is why we have to sign up to take it and no partial credit no fair!) and i have to sign up my group presentation day and i want to be able to have the best pick. anyway on mondays and wednesday i always get there so early and way before my class times so i always get bored and end up finishing a book while i wait. parking is so ridiculus at school. i get to school by 9:30 and the parking lots are all almost full! i always end up parking almost out by the highway! it is so bad and they are talking about shutting down another parking lot to build a parking garage. that is after they shut down a parking lot to build graduate lofts! (why i ask you! most graduate students i know either have families or don't want to live on campus anyway! what is the point? why not just upgrade one of the dorms? the dorms need to be redone anyway.) UH really needs to watch what they do with parking. they oversell the parking garage and really need more parking lots to handle all the commuters. they don't seem to get that like 75% of the students are commuters. everyone i talk to does not live on campus. i know some that live like 5 minutes from campus. but they still need to drive to school.

September 08, 2008

new church building

so this summer my church moved into the the new church building. i was kinda against the new building for many reasons:
  1. i have been going to trinity for my WHOLE LIFE. i have been going to church services in now the old church. it is cute and a place that i can actually imagine having my wedding in.
  2. the new place reminds me of those tv churches. they are now actually using projectors to put up bible verses and songs on the wall. what is wrong with using the hymnals and bibles that are in the pew? if you just tell people what the bible verse is, they won't learn how to look it up themselves and they will just end up taking the pastor word for it that that is actually what that verse is. kinda reminds me of when in the 1500 when the bible was in a foriegn language that nobody but the preist could understand and most of the population couldn't read anyway and they had to take the preist's word for it and the preist could say whatever they want.
  3. the old church had no problems with it. for most of the year, we could fit everyone in. it is only when christmas and easter came around that we had seating problems. lets face it, there are only people that will come on the holidays and no matter how big or new the church is, they will only come a couple times a year.
  4. they have now totally changed the service schedule. there are now only 2 church times and there used to be 3. and they just had to take away the time that we liked to go to. they have made it all confusing.
  5. this last point is i guess a good thing. they did not tear down the old church. yay! they are converting it to a youth building. i have seen pictures. it is kinda wierd to look at. maybe after the 4th new church building they have learned their lesson. the first 2 churches that trinity had they tore down and rebuilt on top. my mom told me that the church was always divided on the subject of getting new churches. we came right after the old church was built and mom heard all the stories.

i guess it doesn't really matter what i think. i might not be going there much longer. i don't know what i will be doing after i graduate. i may be moving far far away. and i am not exactly someone that volunteers for 6million things at the church. there isn't that many things for me to be involved in anymore. when i was younger there was all the junior high and high school groups and the little kids all have things that they can do. then you have the older adult groups. there is suppose to be a college sunday school class but half the time i don't know where they meet. one time they said they would be at starbucks....nope! so i stopped trying and now that i am about to graduate... a college group is not what i need. there used to be a young adults group but i can't find a thing about them anymore. i want to get more active again.

September 06, 2008

home videos

so i am taking all of our home vidoes and putting them on my nice 500 gb external hard drive and then i am going to edit them and organize them and put them onto a dvd. or several dvds. anyway the software i have that i am using will play the video as it is downloading it and so i have to watch it. anyway i want to take notes on what is on what tape so i can label things. anyway i am finding old christmas videos and easter videos. most of it is swimming but there is a lot of good old memories. and we actually have video of little ben when he was like 7 and he is running around and enjoying himself. made me so happy to see that. anyway i have only seen the stuff that is for our current video camera. so the next step is to find the old tapes for the our old camera that broke like 15 years ago. that stuff will probably be even better. my grandma brought a couple of tapes for me to download and we have just watched those on the regular VCR and they are from when i was like 5 and they are great! it is going to be fun doing this project. it is going to take me forever but i am enjoying it. most of the time is going to be downloading the videos. i already have an idea on how i want to edit and arrange things. i am glad that this semester isn't going to be too hard so i can spend lots of time on this. by thanksgiving, i will only have a week left of school! i have no finals! after thanksgiving, i have a last test in statistics. i am done with school on december 4th! but i am actually considering maybe getting my MBA but i think i might wait a couple of years and get a couple of years of work experience or at least figure out what i really want to do. maybe if i don't get a job, i will apply for next year or something.

September 02, 2008

spam and selling stuff

i still get a ton of spam a 100 a day at least! most of it goes to the spam folder but still it is a pain to see that all the time.......i have to delete it because i can't stand it sitting there and building up and taking up space.
i am selling a razr on ebay and the bidding has only gotten up to $5.50 and the auction ends tomorrow. also the person that is wining is from ukraine. i am not sure it will work over there and i have put up plenty of notices about it might not work in other countries and i guess they don't want to pay attention to that. i think i talked about the message i put up but i am not sure that anybody has read it on here. i am glad that i put a reserve of $75 on it. because it is definitly worth more than $5.50. especially since i spent $45 to fix the screen and it has all the chargers and manuals and everything. i just wish that the person who won it last time had actually paid the $75 he bid on it!
this week will be nice and short. only 3 days of school and then a 3 day weekend. :)
i put a wanted ad up on craigslist because i want to find a vw beetle. i hope i get some real email responses because when we were selling a car on there, we got a couple of scam e-mails. if people would actually spend the time that they use on scamming people and actually do real work, people would be a lot happier. facebook has tons of scammers now too. i put up a book on the marketplace thing last night and already this morning i had a scam message. they wanted to know all my information so that they could wire me money or something for the book. it makes me so mad! it is a waste of my time to have to go through all the junk that i get.

August 30, 2008


i am very nervous about selling the razr phone on ebay. i had one return on it and one person that didn't pay. i relisted it the other day and i am having a person from another country bidding on it. i have posted on the description that they need to check to make sure that it is supported overseas. so i posted another note on the description, in red and caps, that they need to make sure it is supported before bidding and that i will not accept returns if it is not supported and they won. i hope i did the right thing. i just feel jinxed with that phone. i have never had so much trouble with an item before. it still has 5 days on the auction so hopefully someone in the us will win it so i don't have to worry.
i kinda hope that the hurricane will come close to us so i can have more time off. i guess you can say i have senioritis. i will only have 3 days of classes this week anyway but still that would be cool if all 3 days were cancelled! then i would have a whole week off after 1 week of school. but you can't blame me because i only had a week of summer vacation. and i didn't get to actually go anywhere.

last semester of college!

so i finished my last first week of school! my classes seem to be pretty easy. i have 2 group projects though. i hate group projects. i know at least 1 person in every class except for statistics. i like my teachers. i have already applied for graduation. probably around october or november i will probably start getting really excited about graduation.
so for about 3 weeks i have been saving my spam and letting it build up in my spam folder. i have 2681 spam e-mails. i can't stand it anymore i just have to delete it all. it is getting on my nerves. it has slowed down a little bit. i used to get about a 1000 a week but i think this week it slowed down because if i had really gotten a 1000 a week it would be over a 3000 emails. oh well it is gone.

August 20, 2008


so i finally got my management grade up and i ended up getting a B+ instead of a B! so i am happy about that!
so i was looking at all the spam i have been getting and some of it has the wrong date. some of it is from 2038! how do that get it like that? that is clue number one when i am going through e-mail to see if it is spam. sometimes it comes with the wrong date but i have no idea how they do that.
it has been raining a lot here this week. i love rain. and i have been really lucky in that i can still take murphy on all of his walks. i have had great timing except for this morning, it sprinkled on us. oh well at least it didn't poor!

August 19, 2008


so i found out my finance grade. i ended up getting a C-. i did terrible on the final. if i had done better i could have gotten a B. oh well i just needed to pass the class to get credit. i think that is a good grade for the class because it is summer school and the teacher is very hard. the final was nothing like the sample final she gave out. i could do that just fine. i just wish she could have given us a formula sheet. i think i would have done a lot better with that. but my management teacher has not turned in the grades to the school so i have a NR for my grade and i don't want him to forget to turn them in because i need that class and since i am graduating in december, i don't want anything to mess up those chances. anyway i know i got a B in that class. surprisingly the C- didn't bring down my gpa that much. if i get all As this next semester i can get above a 3.0! that is what i am shooting for. right now i am in between a B and B- gpa. a little bit closer to a B gpa.

August 17, 2008

spam again

so i have gotten over a 1000 spam e-mails in a week. that must be a record. i wish i knew where to look that up. does anyone know?

August 16, 2008


it is pretty awesome! michael phelps has gotten 8 GOLD MEDALS! i was so excited! and dara torres is pretty awesome too. to be able to get medals in the olympics when you are 41 is amazing. i am sad that the swimming is over. gymanstics and track are a pretty good watch too. today we watched trampoline. which i had no idea was an olympic sport. there was this guy in that event named dong dong. and then my dad is like it is a good thing he isn't named ding dong. i laughed so hard!
so an update on how many spam e-mails i have gotten: 975! i think that is a record. tomorrow will make it a week. somebody help me figure out if there is some kind of record for that!

August 15, 2008


so i must be on some mega list for spam or something! so in the 5 days that i have decided to not delete my spam and to see how fast it would build up, i have gotten 800 spam emails. is that sad or what? what is the most you have gotten in one day or week or however often you check your email? and yes i would like responses on that!

August 13, 2008


so i am now officially on summer vacation for a week and half! i had my last final yesterday. now i just have to wait for my grades. i sometimes think that is the hardest part. i am pretty positive that i past. even my finance class. i think i had to get like a 20 to pass the class. but an 80 to get a B. i am hoping that i get a B but i guess i would be happy with a passing grade too. just as long as i get credit for the class. i don't really want to have to repeat the class. i also like having only 4 classes on my schedule. it is a lot easier. and i don't want to have to take finance and statistics together. once i get my grades back i am going to apply for graduation! i have to apply before september 17 or something like that. i might even make a visit to my advisor before i apply too.
so i have lots of cleaning up to do that was neglected during summer school.
so i am still waiting for that guy to pay for the phone i sold on ebay. but i told him that i will give him until friday to pay. i kinda would like to report them to ebay. but i guess there is no garrentee that i will be able to sell it again.

August 11, 2008


swimming is awesome! last nights relay was so amazing!
so i get so much spam every day that i have decided to stop deleting it and let it start building up in my spam folder. i just want to see how fast it builds up. it has been about a day and half and i already have over 200 spam emails. i want to see how fast it gets up to 1000. i wonder if there is a limit in how much you can have in your spam folder. i wonder if it gets to certian point that yahoo will just delete it. i know they delete it after 30 days but i wonder if they would ever delete it before that. maybe we will see how much i get in 3o days. maybe i will go for a record. is there a record? maybe i can set one if there isn't one.
today and tomorrow are my last days of summer school. then i start school again on august 25. but it will be my last semester! i can't believe it.

August 10, 2008

lots of stuff

so my parents have really started looking for a new house. they are looking at getting a townhouse downtown so that they don't have to drive so far everyday to work. especially in the current gas prices. the idea all started with my dad. so then i said we should get a lakehouse if we get a smaller place downtown. spend the week downtown and the weekends and holidays and vacations at the lakehouse. it doesn't sound like a bad idea. and if we ended up moving before i finished school, i would have a shorter commute too. i have a longer commute than my parents too. but who know how long it will take my parents to find a place they like? this could take years like how it took 2 years to paint the outside of our house. so it may not even affect me except where i go home for christmas. but if i end up working downtown i like the townhouse idea. anyway we have just been driving around looking at houses but today my dad is actually going to meet my mom and they might actually look inside a couple. it would be really weird if they came home and said they bought a house. i know it doesn't work that quickly but they might have bid on one or something. not likely though.
i only have 2 days left of summer school. i should be studying but i can't concentrate. so far i have an A in my management class and i am inbetween in finance. if i do well on my final in finance i can get a B but if i don't i would get a C. i don't really care if i get a C or not because so many people seem to fail that class. someone got an 8 on the last test. too bad they can't drop the class because it was already after the drop date. i have gotten 78 and a 76 on the test. the second test i made lots of stupid mistakes. but if i get an 80 or higher i will get a B. hopefully i can get a B so that all the good grades i have gotten recently won't be hurt by finance. i am so close to getting over a 3.0 gpa. but at least i have another semester to raise my gpa. and i don't know if a C will do that much damage. A D will hurt my gpa though.
i am still waiting for the person to pay me for the phone i sold on ebay. i have sent them several messages but no response. so i sent them a message to pay by this coming friday. that would have given them 2 weeks to pay for it. i think that is pretty reasonable considering lots of sellers on ebay require immediate payment or payment within 3 days. some let you go as far as 10 days but i don't know if i have seen anyone that lets you go 2 weeks. one person that bought an old bsb calendar from me took 10 days to pay but she had contacted me before bidding to ask for a little time and i had said yes if she won and i end up get $20 for it so it was worth it. but with no contact at all is bad. so on friday i will send in a unpaid report to ebay and hopefully they will get the person to pay or make it so that they don't charge any fees and i can relist it.

August 07, 2008

my online stores

so the exciting part is that i sold another textbook online. i have sold almost 20 things online between ebay and amazon. i also have sold textbooks for more than i would have gotten from the bookstore.
i guess the joke is on me. i was so excited when i sold my old phone for $75. and i was laughing at the guy that had returned it to me (see previous posts). anyway it has been almost a week and they haven't paid. so i am getting worried that they won't pay. it is a good thing that i can send ebay after them and hopefully i can get my money or i can relist it. see the links to my stores (in the links section to the right) and maybe you can find something you would like. i will probably put up more stuff while i am on vacation.
my diet is going well. i have lost about 25 pounds. sunday is the last day of the scary hard diet part. i will probably go more towards a weight watchers diet after this.

August 04, 2008


i am so excited! i have listed a couple of items and they go quickly! i listed this cube thing yesterday and someone bought it today! another item did the same thing last week. and i thought that they would be there forever. some things have to be listed several times before they sell.
school has been cancelled for tomorrow! i am excited! a day off. and i have less than a week left until summer school is over! i need to go to the career office soon so maybe i can get my resume in good condition and out there so then i could get interviews! that is 1 thing that i am scared about after graduation is not being able to find a job.

August 03, 2008

summer surprises

it has been so hot and dry here lately. so today about an hour ago, we got a sudden huge thunderstorm. it is nice to get rain. we haven't gotten much rain here this summer. i think we were like 7 inches behind where we should have been or something like that.
so i have been selling stuff on ebay. i have sold 9 things since the begining of july. i think that is pretty good. i got about 11 things left on there. it seems every day i am adding new things to the list. during my week off, i am planning to clean out/organize my room and i will probably be adding more suff soon. i don't know. it is kinda fun to sell stuff online. here is a link to my Ebay store i don't know if i will put a lot of stuff up there or not. i just want to make a little money off what i am trying to get rid of. some things i would probably just give away but i guess it depends on the item

July 30, 2008


summer school is almost over! there is like 2 weeks left. that includes finals! i am ready for my week and half off before my last semester in college! that is kinda weird to say! but it feels good to say too.
so i have been taking a thyroid medicine and been on the crazy diet for a while and i have lost 20 pounds! i am so happy/excited. i have a week and half left on the diet. but i am so glad to have fruit back in my regular diet. you would laugh when you hear what i had for lunch.... applesauce and an apple! overdoing it i guess but i can't have bread or cheese so there goes my turkey and cheese sandwich that i used to have for lunch before the crazy diet. but not too long before i can have it again. i don't think i ever want to do this diet again.

July 27, 2008


i am going to be laughing in the face of that guy that returned the phone!! it has been less than 1 day and it is already up to my reserve price of $75! so i am getting almost double what i paid to have it fixed! and there is still 6 days left and i am hoping that more people will bid on it. in your face jerk!

July 26, 2008

more summer

so i did pretty well the first summer session. an A and B+. it raised my GPA. i don't know if the second session will go as well. finance is hard. but i am doing a lot better in it than some people are. i just have 3 weeks left of summer school. this will hopefully be my last summer school i will ever have to take. graduation is in sight. i only have 4 classes to take after summer school is over. i am just scared that i won't get a job after i graduate. i am planning to go the career services soon. i have been updating my resume because i think that will be the first thing they ask for. oh! and i finally got my diploma for my AA from cyfair! i am excited. i might get it framed with my UH diploma or at least in matching frames. i might even do the same with my high school diploma.
so my parents took me to this doctor they had heard about on the radio. they thought that they could help me get better. anyway i am on this crazy yeast free diet. the main part is a month long. there is a super long list of things that you can't have especially anything with yeast and sugar. mainly you can have some meats, lots of vegetables, nuts and after 2 weeks you can add back in fruits. so i am almost to that point where i can have fruits again. the past 2 weeks have been so hard. but i am about to be on the easier side and getting closer to when i can add back in my favorite foods again. they also comfirmed how i thought that i had a really slow metabilism. i have been taking this thyroid medicine. i have been on the diet for 2 weeks and the thyroid medicine for almost a month. i have lost close to 20 pounds. i hope to lose 30 pounds total before the month is over.
i have been selling stuff on ebay this month. i put some old calendars on there at first. amazingly people have bought them. 2 were old backstreet boys calendars and 2 were simpsons calendars. then today i sold a peanuts calendar. then i listed an old cell phone that had a cracked screen. i put it in the description that it was cracked and even put a picture up of it. someone bought it. then it got delivered. and the buyer didn't even give it 2 hours before demanding a refund and sending it back even after i told them where they could get it fixed. so i got it back and got it fixed and i am hoping to get triple what i sold it for originally. i would love to laugh in that stupid person's face. so i am going to try to sell more stuff on ebay. i have a store on amazon but my stuff doesn't go too fast on there. once i have sold the stuff i already have on ebay, i will transfer some of my amazon stuff to ebay. if anyone has anything they want to sell, i can try to sell it for you or suggest you start one of your own. basically on ebay you take a picture of your item and write a description and choose a price. then the website does the rest for you. its pretty much the same for amazon but you don't take a picture for amazon.

July 01, 2008

vacation and graduation

so i have 1 more class before the first session of summer school is over. i know i got an A in my management class! i can get as high as an A- in my history of globablization class. it depends on how well i do on my final. if i get a 1 on my final i will pass with a D-. i think i have to get a 91 to get an A-and i would have to get over 100 to get an A. but i am hoping for an A- or B. either one will help raise my GPA. i am working on raising my gpa. last semester i was able to raise it up a little. but since i am getting an A this semester i think it will bring it up even more. anyway i have my final on thursday. then i have a long weekend with the 4th of july. then on monday i start my new classes. another management and intro to finance. i have heard that the teacher for finance is really hard but hopefully she will be easier in the summer. it is either it is finance or statistics in the summer and i am not trying statistics in the summer. anyway i just need to keep thinking that i will be graduating in less than 6 months so i can take the pain for a little while. that is a little scary to think about that i am graduating so close. i guess i am more scared about getting a job. what if no one wants to hire me? i didn't want to go through 4 years of college and no summers off and trying to figure out what i want to do to not get a job. i think the most awesome place to work would be google. it sounds like the best place to work. go to youtube and search for google videos. it will give you a bunch of videos on google and how awesome it is.

June 22, 2008

school and july 4th

so i have been doing pretty well in summer school so far. i am starting to feel like i am getting really close to graduate. i need to pass at least 3 classes this summer. i have never failed a class yet but it feels good to know that i have some room in my schedule. because if i fail only 1 class, i have free space in my fall schedule to take it over again. i am only taking 4 classes in the fall so i should be ok. i am starting to see the end. i am glad that i am taking summer school. so far it feels worth it.
we are thinking about what to do on the the 4th of july. i was saying maybe we could have a pool party and cookout. but everyone i suggest to have over, my parents are like well they usually go see their family or they probably have plans or something like that. oh well it really doesn't matter.
my dad sold his car a couple weeks ago. so of course he is the one that gets to get a new car. when will it ever be MY turn? my turn should have come about a year ago. i am starting to think we should have sued the pants off the insurance company. then i might actually have gotten a new car!
does anyone else get any incredible amount of spam everyday? in any given day i can get as much as 100 spam e-mails. i guess i wouldn't mind a few but 100 seems to be too much! i don't even know how i get on these lists!
last night was scary! we had someone walking around in our backyard! we have a metal fence that runs down the middle of the backyard and we heard it open and close. it really makes a noise when someone goes through it. after i heard the person leave the backyard i looked out the front window and i saw a black truck and some people standing around it. i have no idea who they were. so we had the police officer that is suppose to patrol our neighborhood come over and look around. the people had left by the time that the police officer came. i hope they don't come back. it made me scared and i am starting to like my dad's idea of moving. my neighborhood might not be as safe as it used to be.

June 17, 2008

adopting a dog part 2

so we have adopted zoe. i think i am having a lot more trouble ajusting than she is. i have been crying for no reason for the past 2 days. i feel so terrible and i have no idea why. maybe i am regretting adopting her. which is probably making me feel worse. i probably should not have adopted a puppy. maybe i should have gotten an older dog, or maybe i should have waited a while longer and actually thought it through a little bit longer. i feel so stupid but she is very cute! i have no idea what to do. there was another family that wanted zoe. i kinda feel like i should have let them have her.

June 12, 2008

adopting a dog

i have been looking at adopting a dog for a while now. we found one that we liked at this meet and greet thing last weekend. so i filled out an aplication and we are going to have house visit tomorrow. so we may get to get her on sunday. i am so excited but i am also so nervous and scared. it is like half of me is like i want a dog now! and the other half is like i am not sure i want a dog. i guess i am just so afraid that i wouldn't make it happy and take care of it as well as someone else would or something crazy like that. i am scared that she wouldn't love me as i love her. and what if she doesn't get along with murphy? i feel like i have gone completely nuts. i hope it works out.

May 23, 2008

summer school

so i guess i am ready for summer school. i am enrolled and paid for the summer. i am ready to get school all over with. just this summer and next fall and then i will be done. i hope i can do as well as i did last semester. all A's and B's no B- or anything. raised my gpa up a little bit too. hopefully i can get it up a little more before i graduate. i hope to get an A in statistics in the fall so that will definitely help a lot.
mom and dad are letting me get a dog. but it is really hard. i am not sure which one to get or even where to get it.

May 05, 2008

school and other stuff

so i am done with 3 classes and i just have my statistics final left on wednesday! i already know that i got a B in intro to human resources and a B+ in economics of globalization. i am pretty sure that i will get a B in my english class and an A in statistics. i think that this semester will raise my GPA. i now just have to get through summer school and the fall semester and i will get to graduate from UH!!
on friday i am having my hair cut. i haven't had a hair cut since october i think. i love getting hair cuts because at least my hair always feel so good afterwards and they can style it so much better than i could have done.
we are getting a new couch today. on saturday we went to the dump and we found a couch that we really like and it is so comfortable!
i have found that i like strawberry daquries! i am not sure if i spelled that right but hopefully you guys know what i am talking about!

April 17, 2008


i have always liked to sing. not necessarily in front of people but i always sing to the radio on the way to school and in my room by myself. anyway i think it would be so much fun to write my own songs and then record them. then i thought it would be so cool to have my own recording room in my own house and all that. i went on youtube and did you know that you can actually build your own recording studio in your house. there are videos of people doing that! it is so cool. i wish i could do that. anyway i might do that when i get my own place and actually write songs. but i don't know how easy/hard it could be. but hopefully it would be fun. i remember when i first heard of hanson, we used to want to learn how to play instruments and form a band. it would still be cool to do that.
i have found out that i don't have classes on my birthday! :) how lucky is that? exactly one week until my birthday!

April 08, 2008

graduation and the end of school

so this semester i am graduating from cy-fair college. i thought i would take the one extra english class and get my AA. i don't know if i already talked about that or not. anyway i was like what if something horrible happens and i can't take the rest of my classes at UH? then i would definitly be glad that i got the AA. anyway yesterday i got my cap and gown. and actually i think they are the same color as the ones that will be used at UH graduations. maybe i will be able to reuse it in december when i graduate from UH. anyway for anyone that would want to come it is on may 10 at 12pm. it really isn't a big deal. i am just getting it because all i had to take was 1 class so i am taking it.
there is only a couple of weeks left of class. most of my class i am doing pretty well in. i have an A in statistics, at least a B in management (i am hoping to get at least a B+ or maybe even an A- in there). i think i will end up with a B in english. so far if i don't do anything else in english, i know i will pass. i am not sure how i am doing in the economics of globalization class. i am pretty sure i will pass. i am hoping for a B but i guess i will be happy if i just pass. that teacher is just a pain. she has an accent so sometimes you really have to listen to understand. also she just reads from the slides and doesn't fully explain everything. really if i just looked at the slides, i know mostly what she would say during class.
my birthday is in 2 weeks. birthdays don't seem to be that exciting anymore. mostly i would be happy if people would just remember and say happy birthday.

April 04, 2008

my birthday

so my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. i was thinking about having a party but i am not sure it is a good idea. the big birthday was last year but there isn't anything special about turning 22. i was thinking about just having a party at my house and kind of having just like a swim party/cookout. but i don't know if anyone would be that interested. maybe i should just put the invites out there and see if anyone is interested. i should probably ask my parents for permission first.

March 26, 2008

it has been almost 4 years!

it has been almost 4 years since i started this blogging thing! i was looking at all my old post. it brings back lots of memories and thoughts. do any of you guys go back and look at your old posts?

spam and scammed

so i just checked my gmail and i had no e-mail but i had plenty of spam!! more like 253 spam e-mails!! i have never had so many in my life. i think it has just gotten too out of control. i wish people had something better to do than spam people with unwanted e-mails!!
and so yet again i have been scammed on acebucks. this world seems to be full of people just out to get you when you have done nothing wrong to them. they just want your money or car or whatever. and of course acebucks does nothing to try to prevent scammers even though there have been plenty of complaints with a few coming from me.
also another creepy thing happened. i started getting e-mails from this dvd club. and so i was like ok just more spam. then i got an e-mail saying they had shipped me a movie that i had "ordered"! they had my address and everything! it was so scary! so i sent in a complaint to that saying i had never signed up for their club and definitly didn't order a dvd from them. and they are like ok. so they sent me one of those prepaid address things to send back the dvd. i sent a note along saying that i definitly do not want to be in their club and that i never signed up for it and anything else that they send me i was going to be responsible for and i probably won't waste my time to send back. i gave them a far warning. anyway they need to be carefull to check on who is signing up and if they are using the correct info and all that. all i want to know is who signed me up? or at least signed up in my name and address. i definitly didn't do it.

March 23, 2008

the end of spring break

today is the last day of spring break. i am going to miss it. but the good thing is there is only 5 weeks left of school before finals!! :) i am excited but i will be taking summer school so i will only get a small break but hopefully it will be worth it because i really want to be able to graduate in december. but i guess if i can't find enough classes in the summer, i will have to get a job this summer and graduate next may. oh well the end is near either way. anyway on tuesday the summer class schedule comes out. so hopefully i will soon know what i am going to be doing this summer. it would actually be cool to go traveling this summer. i have my passport so i would like to put it to use by maybe going to england.

March 13, 2008

what is the point

i don't know why i answer the phone. all i end up doing is get yelled at or do something wrong. i think in general i just do things wrong. sometimes i don't get the point of why i even try. i just do it wrong...

March 12, 2008

scammed again of course

so why do i keep falling for it? i feel so stupid. i don't even know why i joined acebucks because it all seems like a big scam! grrrrr...... i am never going to get what i want. i guess it is my fault i can't afford it.
everyone is home for spring break.

February 21, 2008

things have been busy...

so i have been working really hard at school this semester and i am getting good grades!! :) i am pretty happy about that. i actually got a 103 on my statistics test!! yay! but that was over the first 3 chapter which is the easy stuff. i just hope i can keep it up. and i think management is finally the right major. so i am planning to stick with it. and i should be able to graduate in december or next may. depends if i want/can do summer school this summer. if i can get enough classes in the summer then i will be able to graduate in december!
so i found another macbook on acebucks and bought it. hopefully it won't be a scam! i will post pictures if i actually get it! i really want a macbook. i don't really want a macbook air. i don't really care about how thin it is or anything. it doesn't even have a cd/dvd rom on it because there is not enough room to fit it in. you have to get an attachment. no thanks.

January 26, 2008


so far i am doing well in my classes. but the second week just ended so nothing big has happened yet.
oh! i ended up get my money back from the person that scammed me on acebucks. i am glad that i got it back but i would have rather had the macbook. i hate all the scammers out there in the world that just want your money!

January 13, 2008

new year new semester

so school starts tomorrow. i loved my vacation. but this semester i am taking totally different classes than i have so hopefully i will be able to enjoy the semester and get a major in the works so that i can graduate by may 2009. i was thinking if i take 4 classes this summer then i would be able to graduate in december. i am not sure which one i want to do. but of course it all depends on what classes are being offered in the summer first.
New Years Resolutions:
-to determine my major....this is something i HAVE to do this year....most likely this semester
-to lose weight.....i really need to get a handle on my weight this year. i don't care if i loose it all but i need to look better. (and NO i am not a steriotypical-sp? right word? anyway i do NOT go to fast food places all the time and eat 5 huge hamburgers....i don't even go to fast food places, i can't remember the last time i went to one. and when i do go, i eat 1)
-get good grades. or at least better grades.