October 21, 2004


as you guys can see i changed the template. the last one started acting funny (at least on my computer) so i decided to change it. anyway i didn't like the dots in the background anymore. so we will see how this new template works out. i added more links to the links list. i had the worst time getting the haloscan commenting back up. every time i went to change something in the template it would change the commenting back to the blogger commenting. i don't really like the blogger commenting so that is why i have haloscan commenting. oh well. on the wall that my computer faces i put a whole bunch of pictures on the wall like orlando bloom and some harry potter. i can't wait to get a car. i need to find something to do. i really want start going to the gym again and by the time i have access to a car i don't want to go anymore because it is usually after dinner because everyone gets home at dinner time so we have dinner and then i am full and tired so i don't feel like going anymore anyway who wants to work out on a full stomach. but i would like to get a job or at least have something to do everyday. but i am still glad to be home. i play with the dog a lot and write people letters and surf the internet.

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