December 29, 2007

what goes around comes around...

so today i was on acebucks and saw that the guy that "sold" me the psp got a bad rating. i clicked on it to see what it said and it was the girl that sold me the macbook pro! she kinda got scammed herself! i had to laugh!! :) basically she bought something with her acebucks and the item said no shipping but when she talked to the guy he expected $500 for shipping or maybe just the item in generally i am not exactly sure what but still she got scammed.
i am still hoping that i will eventually get the macbook pro.
today is also kinda sad because we have taken down most of our christmas decorations down. but we still have our tree and lights up but everything has been taken down.

scammed continued

well i e-mailed the people that are supposed to help you if you have problems when you buy something. hopefully they will be able to get my money back or get the macbook pro. i would really like to have the computer but if i can't get it then i would like to get the money back. hopefully i will know in a couple of days...

December 28, 2007

i now have google adsense

it is kinda cool and easy way to make money on your website. i am not sure if you just have to visit my site or you have to actually have to click on the links. but i am still learning.

i think i have been scammed....

so on facebook you can earn acebucks. then you can bid on stuff and now they have it that you can buy stuff from people on there. i have been scammed so many times. first was for an apple computer. only a 1000 acebucks. so i bought it. never heard from the person. tried to e-mail them. never ever heard from them. big scam. i couldn't even get a refund! then i tried to buy a psp. then the person told me that he didn't have it anymore. why would you list it if you didn't have it? at least i got a refund and the person actually told me that he didn't have it. he didn't ignore me like the first person. so now i bought another apple computer a macbook pro. a really good computer. the person was really nice and told me that she would send it out and it might get there before christmas or the day after. it has been a week since i bought it and i haven't gotten it yet. and it was one that i actually had to pay her for shipping. she hasn't answered my e-mails since either. i have been asking to see if she had a tracking number or something so i would know when to expect it. not a word. and then this morning i saw that she got a bad feedback rating. someone was saying she is really nice and everything just to get you to buy something and then you don't get anything. so now i am really worried. and i am not sure exactly what to do. i am so mad at myself that i could actually get something really nice for myself for cheap.

December 27, 2007

i am a joke

while i was doing the dishes tonight, i was thinking about this time that i answered the phone. it was for my dad and he wasn't home at the time and so i was like can a i take a message? the guy asked who i was and i told him. then he was like i have never heard of you..... who actually tells you that? thanks a lot that makes me feel GREAT! you should never tell some one that. i don't care if you have heard of me or is just plain RUDE to tell someone that. it ended up being some swim coach.
so then after that i started to think about how i am the joke of the family. mom and dad are both smart and have great jobs and all that. sister is super smart and skinny and great swimmer and athlete. brother is smart and a pretty good swimmer and skinny. and then look at me. lets just say i can swim. i am average in brains. and then my body......lets just say i am not skinny but i am not that fat like the people on tv who can barely walk or get up or whatever. i am no where near that but i am no where near skinny. somewhere in the middle. i am not someone who is ever going to get asked out or anything. can you believe i am 21 and have never been kissed or been on a date? i went to prom dateless. at least i got to go in a group thought. but i am the family joke. my parents are just hoping i can get through college. i am a senior in college with no idea what to with my life. i don't even know what degree to get.
i am going to stop there. i don't want to be one of those people that just complains on their blogs. i am not even sure if people read this anyway. it doesn't even matter anymore. i just need to disappear.

December 14, 2007


so today i did most of my christmas shopping. i just have to get something for my dad and grandma. i love christmas. we got our tree last weekend and we have started to decorate it. we have decorated the outside too. the weather has been crazy here. it is hot, cold, or rainy. all over the place.
if you haven't gotten a christmas card from me and would like one just tell me and give me your address!

November 26, 2007


so thanksgiving was pretty cool. it was fun to have everyone home. lots of food. now murphy is here to live with us until after christmas!! :) i signed up for my classes for next semester. we went to hasta la pasta for my parents anniversary. it was the first time i have ever been there. it was pretty good. i saw shrek the third for the first time this weekend. the first and second ones are definitly better.
so the only bad thing this weekend was that i got sick right before thanksgiving. i am still a little bit sick. but recovering. i think i have a super cold or something. i have had my flu shot so i don't have to worry about getting that. but this is the second cold i have had this semester.
i sold my first item on! yea! i haven't gotten the feedback ratings yet but i sent it the same day as they ordered it so they can't complain about that.

October 23, 2007

what would you do if you won the lottery?

so there is a show on TLC about these people that won the lottery. so i was thinking about what i would do if i won the lottery. here is what i came up with:

  • i would buy myself a NEW car. a jeep grand cherokee or a blue bug
  • i would probably share the wealth a little bit with family and friends. like redo the kitchen in our house.
  • i wouldn't feel pressured to graduate from college right away. i would take my time on figuring out what i want to do with my life. and yes even if i won the lottery i would still work and get a job that i really like.
  • i would probably go on a shopping spree
  • i would probably travel a little bit. put my new passport to use and maybe take people along with me.
  • after i figure out what i want to major in and graduate and get a job i will buy a house or apartment or whatever i find that i like.

what would you do?

October 10, 2007

school stuff

Happy Birthday Robin!!
so school has been ok. i am going to see how all these midterms will go before i do anything. and last weekend my mom said i could get a dog of my own if i get all B's this semester but i don't know if i could do that. i want a dog of my own so bad but i don't know if i can do that well this semester. maybe if that is what i say i want for christmas maybe i will still get a dog anyway.... i guess i will have to wait and see. i was thinking about trying out some management classes next semester to see how i like management. human resource management sounds kinda interesting.

September 25, 2007


so this semester i have been trying really hard and studying and reading the textbook and everything you know? so why am i practically failing everything? i have no idea. i got a 16 on a major quiz in my java class. i don't know why i am trying so hard. this semester i have studied the most for my classes and i am failing. i didn't used to study as much. i don't know if i can make it through college. maybe i should just go back to community college where i actually got good grades.

September 23, 2007

so i have gotten into buying things on so i recently started a seller's account too to sell some old or duplicate books that i have or just books that i don't want anymore. i think there are only like 5 things on there. but here is a link to my seller's account. if anyone that reads this would like me to sell something for them then just tell me. also i have made a wish list on there. so i was thinking that i can keep that up to date and then i won't have to keep telling everyone at christmas and birthdays what i want. because i can never remember what exactly i want when i am asked. so this is kind of easier. and any random person can buy me something if they feel like it i guess since it is public. i wonder if i can make it so that only a few selected people can see it. like i know i can make it either public or private but is there something in between? oh well here is a link.

September 16, 2007

its been a week....

i still can't believe it. but i am ajusting a little bit. but i am still really lonely. anyone have a dog that needs a good home? i would love to have another dog. almost any kind as long as they are friendly and lovable. yea right anyone that reads this is going to give away their dog. my mom says that we should wait a while. but i am getting ready. by the time we find the right one, i will be ready.
school is ok. i guess it could be worse. ummm.... we didn't have school on thursday so i have had a 4 day weekend! yeah! but i can't focus in school. i still don't know what i want to major in. i don't know what i want to do with my life. that makes going to school even worse. because i feel like i am going there for no reason.

September 10, 2007

A Tribute to Little Ben

i can't believe this. it is so sad. i can't believe i have to write this. i can hardly believe it. little ben died yesterday around lunch time. it was so horrible. i can't believe this. i have been crying so hard since yesterday. i can't believe i made it through today and all my classes. it was so hard. i know you are probably thinking that it is stupid because he is a dog but a dog can be like your best friend sometimes. he was always there. i can hardly remember a time without him. we got him when i was in the 2nd grade so i was only 7 or 8. but it was a long time ago. i was the one that took care of him the most. he was one of my best buds. it was so hard today to come home and not have him there and to feed him about 5:30 when i usually do. it was so hard yesterday. i can hardly think of anything else. my eyes hurt from all the crying and i feel so empty inside. i am just glad i was there when he died. i think it would have been harder if i just came home from school and found him. i am just glad to think that he might be in heaven with my grandpa because they were buddies too. i just don't feel the same anymore.

August 13, 2007


so i am now on my 1 week vacation. i am ready for the fall in the sense that i have paid for my tuition and parking and all the stupid fees and that i have money for books but i am not ready because i just finished summer school last friday! i haven't gotten my grades yet either but i do know that in my INTB class i got a 100 on the final. but we had a paper in the class that they haven't finished grading yet so i can't figure out what my grade is but hopefully an A! i don't know about my other class. probably a B. i guess i will just have to wait.
my brother and grandfather are coming to visit next week which is also the week i start school. at least it is the first week and i probably won't have much work to do. just buy books and all that fun stuff.
and after a month i finally got my car back. no work done to it either! stupid state farmer people. i told my parents we should rethink renewing our car insurance with them. but my mom said that we have our house insurance with them too so i don't know if they want to change all that. oh well. maybe they will rethink about paying to fix it but they are being really stupid about it. now they want to put an "unrepairable" title to it. when i heard that i thought it was so stupid! it is a couple of dents and a small crack in the window. does that sound "unrepairable" to you? NO! unrepairable to me is something like the front end being totally smashed in like you ran into a wall and to fix it you would have to fix the engine and the whole front of the car. but a couple of dents and a crack is not that bad.

August 01, 2007

lots of stupid stuff!

so summer school is almost over. finals are next week. so i have enjoyed my operations management class so i have decided to try the next class which is supply chain management. might end up double majoring. i am not sure yet.
i got the 7th harry potter book. i pre-ordered it and got it delivered on July 21st! so i got half way through it and tada! there were pages missing. yes i was one of the hundreds of people that got the misprint books. not knowing that people were selling them on eBay for $500 i returned it to Barnes and nobles and got a new one! so i finished it in a couple of days. i enjoyed it. it was very different from all the other ones. kind of disappointed with the epilogue chapter. i am excited about how she might write a harry potter encyclopedia. i would buy it if she wrote one.
fun car ramblings now! so at the begining of july we took my car to get the hail damage fixed. all is happy. so in the meantime i am driving my mom's car and my mom and dad are riding to work together. so on the way home from school one day the car breaks down and i am stranded and have to wait for a tow truck. it was a timing belt and a pretty easy fix as long as it doesn't really effect anything else. so i get it back and drive it for about a week and a half. then yesterday morning i am getting ready to go to school and the battery is dead. so i call AAA and get a new battery. by this time i have missed my first class. but i am able to get to my 2nd class. then on the way home the car dies again. i have to call AAA again and get towed again. the funny thing was that the same guy shows up to tow me 2 weeks ago towed me yesterday! so i have had to call AAA 3 times in the past 2 weeks. a record! so when the timing belt broke we were down to 2 cars and one of them is a 2 seater and the other one is my sisters who spends all of her time at her boyfriends house. so we basically have 1 2seater car! fun right? so my mom decided that it was probably time for her to get a new car. so she got a 2001 lexus. it is a nice car. so i am suppose to get my mom's car back tomorrow. now you are probably wondering what happened to my car that we took to get the hail damage fixed. well apparently the insurance company and the fred haas toyota repair place that we took it to are debating if they really want to fix it because the car is not "worth it" so it sat there for a month with nothing done. so we wanted to get some stuff out of the car so i went to the fred haas place to get the stuff. when i get there low and behold it is not there! where is it? the insurance company had it towed to avoid have to pay storage fees or something stupid because the place had not even started to work on or something. it has really made us mad because we just want it fixed. so now my car is at a salvage place until we can get it back or fixed or whatever we end up getting done. but we were able to get our stuff out of it. so now we are fighting the insurance company. that story i guess is to be continued.
i hope that story is entertaining enough for anyone that actually reads this! but the good thing is that school is almost over!

June 25, 2007

why do i even try?

so i have been saying that if i take 6 classes next semester i would like to live down at school. but whenever i bring it up, i get this look that i am so stupid. whenever i say anything people act like i am so stupid. sometimes i feel like i should never ever talk. why was i even born? i never thought i was that stupid but i can never seem to do anything right. what in the hell is wrong with me?

June 18, 2007


so i really haven't updated this thing in a while. sorry! i am not sure if people actually read this anyway. oh well. summer school has been really stressful and life has been so mean to me. it is a cruel world out there. hopefully i will graduate next may. if i pass everything. nothing is going right for me right now. hopefully next may everything will be right again. i won't feel... lost... pressure... confused... stressed...overwhelmed... lonely... disappointed in myself and everything else i do/can't do/wish i could do... it only seems that i can get away from it by reading (not stuff for school though!!! which i wish i wouldn't do) or being with my dogs or eating (which isn't helping either). i wish i could go away for a while. on a very long vacation where i don't have to do anything except have fun and not worry about everything.

May 08, 2007


so i now have about a month off before summer school starts. it has been good so far. i got an A in my business law and ethics class. a B+ in my entreprenuership class. i think i got a B in my cost accounting class. other than that i don't know my grades. that is ok.
ainsley is home.
i have been looking at Apple computers. does anyone have one? i really want one. i have heard they are so much better than pc. i have been to the apple store and looked at them. i have looked at them online. i think it might be the next computer i get. but i still like my toshiba laptop too.

April 30, 2007

Red River

so my friends took me out to a bar on saturday. it was pretty fun. i got kinda drunk but no throwing up or anything like that. but it was kinda funny when scooter was trying to teach me how to dance and i kept tripping over myself and totally not getting it. then we went to play pool and i only won the first game because scooter hit a couple of my balls in on accident. but he won the second game.
then i sent him a text message saying that i liked him. but i am not sure if he likes me like that or that i just made a complete fool of myself. but i really do like him....grrr, i think i am the only 21 year old in america that has never been kissed or had a boyfriend.
so that is the story of my first time at a bar.

April 24, 2007

its my birthday!!

so today i turned 21!! i can't really believe it!! i got a new bigger tv for my room that i got to pick out! and we got an extra long cable cord and strung it down the hall so now i have cable in my room!! :) that is my favorite present. maybe i will post a picture of it here later!
the semester is almost over! i am so glad! i have 2 test this week and then a final next week and then i am done! then i get almost a month off before summer school starts! i am glad that i get some time off!
for my entreprenuerism class we had to start a business and had to come up with a business plan like we were really going to start it. i am so proud of it! we got a 100 and so everyone in my group made a copy of it because it feels like the best thing we have ever done! i think i will take a picture of it and post up here too!

April 09, 2007

its been a while...

so i know i haven't posted anything in a while but i am back and will try to update more....just sometimes there isn't anything to say. i am going to change my major to MIS(management information systems) i really haven't taken any classes in it yet but i think i will like it... i hope! so even with changing my major i should still be able to graduate next may. if i was going to change to something outside of the business school i wouldn't be able to graduate next may. so i am sticking with business. my brother came home last weekend for easter and my dad's birthday. my birthday is in a couple of weeks i am going to be 21! i think i am going to go out with some friends but i am not sure where. classes will end in 3 weeks. i can't wait!

March 23, 2007

looking forward to the weekend!

oh yea i am! this week i had 4 tests and a project due! i wish that i had these test before spring break. but i am almost done with them. i have one more test tomorrow and then i will be done! in 2 of my classes i just have the final (or last test) and that is all. in 2 of my other classes i have 2 more test and then i am done. in my business law and ethics class, i just have to do a group project and a paper that i have already started. in my entrepreneurism class i have to finish a group project. in 3 of my classes i have group projects. i hate group projects. i am ready for this semester to be over!! i am still deciding between working this summer or taking summer school. i will probably take summer school but i am not sure still...depends on the classes being offered and stuff.
so i have lost 7.2 pounds over the past 2 months... kinda slow but i haven't really gained any back you know. like some weeks i will lose like .2 or something but other weeks i would lose 1.2 or something or stay the same. slow but i am doing it.

March 16, 2007

i am the worst proctastinator

so this week i wanted to catch up on my school work...has that happened? no...i have done a couple of things for one of my group project but other than that i really haven't done much....oh and i did an outline the night before it was due! i am the worst procrastinator in the world. i wanted so much this semester to do so well and get all A's and stuff but i have gone back to terrible habits and not study as much as i should. it was one of my new years resolutions to study more and try to get all A's but i would always find some excuse to do something else. i am so terrible.

March 12, 2007

spring break!

seems like things have been so busy!! still trying to get my car fixed....had a problem with the guy trying to lie and get out of having to pay for the damage to my car. it really mad me mad. but hopefully we will be able to take it in this week!
it is suppose to rain a lot this week!! i like rain!!
this week is spring break and i am using it to catch up on the studying that i haven't been doing!! i hate studying!!

February 24, 2007

Titanic 2 - Jack's Back

this was pretty funny!! i actually would think this would be a good movie or i would at least go see it!

2007 Ivy League Women's Swimming Championships

this is a video from Ivy League Champs and you can see my sister it this video!

February 17, 2007

can you believe it??

britney spears is BALD!! look at this article!

February 14, 2007

valentine's day

i would love this holiday if i actually had a boyfriend/husband to spend it with. but the guys that i like barely know i exist as usual. as usual i wish i was prettier and thinner.....maybe then people will notice me. welcome to my securities...there are so many more i am not going to say them.

February 01, 2007

my dream car

so this would be the car i would want to get if i could get any car.

lots of things have happened...

so things have been pretty eventful since school has started. lots of my classes have group projects and lots of reading and lots of thing to do for the classes so i think i will probably have a stressfull semester. i have rejoined weight watchers. i joined last thursday and today will be my second meeting and first meeting to see if i have lost weight. i think i have but i will just have to see what their scales say! i was in an accident last monday. someone ran into me but only the left driver side has any damage. but i also still have tons of hail damage to my car that i have been trying to get my parents to fix and my car needs a new paint job and just lots of stuff to be fixed and the guy that i took it to said that it would take 3 weeks to fix it all and might be more than that car is worth. the insurance company will pay for it but they would probably give us what the car is worth if it cost mor than that....i don't know i might get a new car but knowing my parents, they will make me drive the taruas! i think i would rather just drive my car then that car! i am hoping they will let me pick out a new will probably have to a used car but still new to me!(why can't we ever just get a NEW car like normal people?) i guess i should be lucky i have a car.....
valetines day is coming up! still no valentine!! kind of depressing...

January 17, 2007

new semester!

so it has been freezing here for the past couple of days and raining and all that....every school around here has been cancelled but does u of h cancel? no of course not! i still had class! at least it was only the first week of school and the teachers aren't expecting you to do anything! yay! it was very easy to get to school today because no one going to work or school or anything! the cool thing about this semester is that i have 4 day weekends! :) i did some great scheduling! half of my classes don't have finals! how cool is that!

January 15, 2007

spring semester

so tomorrow is suppose to be the first day of school!! not sure if there is really going to be school tomorrow because of the weather! it is super cold and wet. it is suppose to freeze overnight and we are suppose to get ice. maybe snow?? probably not but you never know!! i still need to go by my books. maybe i will just ride with my parents to school and just have them drop me off... i don't know if i want to drive myself if there is ice on the road... i would never survive in the north! i have been enjoying my break and i am kinda ready for school to start. that feeling will go away after the first day of school. i have been a little bored.

January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

so i had a good christmas and New Years! everyone was home. i made the regular new years resolutions of lose weight, study harder, get organized, and the usual things people make. i got a couple of things for christmas. i knew what some of them were going to be because i picked them out. i got a new backpack, a new calendar, 2 books of sudoku which is pretty addicting, some clothes, a new bag and watch, some giftcards, and books. so i bought myself a new iPod that can play videos and movies and all. the pictures on it is pretty clear! very surprising!
this is a picture of my favorite christmas present!! i got it from by best friend Robin!!