May 24, 2010

so last post i told you guys how i listed some never worn bras that i had on ebay. well someone has actually bid on them and like 5 people are watching the item! that is so funny. it will  be one of the listing that i will probably make a lot of money on! i just think it is so funny! :)

May 23, 2010

do you think it is weird to list bras on ebay? i have 3 that i never wore and they still have the tags and everything. they just sat around for like 2 years. anyway they are not the right size anymore so i am not planing to wear them. so i thought why not? oh well it seems like out of the stuff i list, it is the weird things that i don't think will sell, they sell right away. now that ebay is finally having free auction listings, i don't mind putting some stuff up there just to see how it goes.
next weekend is going to be crazy and weird. everyone is coming home for the holiday. i am never sure what everyone is going to say to me. most of the time it is an insult.

May 21, 2010

so i think i am going to finally take the gre and go to graduate school. i think i will go to sam houston and get a masters of library science. i don't know if i will get in. i think i have until august 1st to apply but i am going to try to get it all together by the end of june.
going to my sisters college graduation was cool. we also got her all packed up and ready to move to NYC next month. we walked everywhere! i was so tired by the end of the trip. you would think that with as much walking as we did, i would have lost weight but we ate a ton. we went out to every meal. i am scared to weigh myself.  i avoid scales like the plague.
i upgraded some of things in my computer. i got a bigger harddrive. i got a 500gb harddrive. i wanted bigger but for laptops there isn't as much of a choice as there is for desktops. i also got more ram. all that needs to be done is a new fan because i think mine doesn't work right because my computer gets really hot when i do lots of things on it at one time and it gets kinda loud too and sometimes it just freezes. but i don't think it can be fixed. i can live with it. i just have to turn it off a lot and not let it run forever.