August 31, 2005


so the first week of school is almost over. only 2 more days!! it is finally september!!! hopefully it will start to cool off soon!!! it is so hot!! you can get so sweaty from standing outside for only a minute!!

August 29, 2005

first day of school

so today was the first day of school. my alarm didn't go off so i got up late but it was only 7:45 so i wasn't late to school or anything. but i could only take murphy on a short walk down the street instead of the usual length. but when i got home there was nothing torn up so i guess it was ok. it poured for like 10 minutes during my biology class.

August 27, 2005

a very long survey/quiz

001. What is your name? Allison
002. Spell your name backwards:  nosillA
003. Date of birth: April 24
004. Male or female? Female
005. Astrological sign: Taurus
006. Nicknames: allie
007. Occupation? Student
008. Height: 5'5"
009. Weight: i would prefer not to say.....
010. Hair color: blondish-brown
011. Eye color: blue
012. Where were you born? Houston, Texas
013. Where do you reside now? Houston, Texas
014. Age: 19
015. Screen names: hawkeyepierce04, alliebsbbrian
016. E-mail:
017. What does your screen name stand for? well i like the character hawkeye pierce in the show MASH and it also has the year i graduated
018. What is your lj name? hawkeyepierce04
019. What does your Blurty name stand for? it is just my name and graduation year
020. Pets: 2 dogs and a cat
021. Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake? 19
022. Piercings? 2 in each ear
023. Tattoos? Nope
024. Shoe size: 9
025. Righty or lefty? Right
026. Wearing: blue shorts and blue shirt
027. Hearing: i hear the phone ringing and water running
028. Feeling: bored that is why i am doing this incredibley long quiz
029. Eating/drinking: water

~Boys/Love/Kissing/And Other Stuff~
061. Have you ever been in love? i have had crushes but i don't think i have been "in love"
062. How many people have you told "I love you"? 0 if you don't count family
063. How many people have you been in love with? 0
114. Does someone in your family wear a toupee? Nope.
115. Do you have any nieces or nephews? No.
116. Are your parents divorced? Nope.
117. Do you have step parents? Nope.
118. Has your family ever disowned another member of your family? Nope
119. If so for what? N/A
120. Did some of your family come to America from another country? i think a long time ago someone from my family did but not recently. but i think i am part german.

~Music Stuff~
121. What song do you swear was written about you or your life? i don't know
122. What's the most embarrasing cd you own? i don't know
123. What's the best cd you own? right now it would be the new BSB cd
124. What song do you absolutely hate?
125. Do you sing in the shower? sometimes...
126. What song reminds you of that special someone? none at the moment

~Okay, I Name An Artist And You Give A Lyric From Any One Of Their Songs~
127. Pink: i have heard of her but don't listen to her music
128. Aerosmith: that song he made for that movie
129. Madonna: i don't listen to her music
130. Korn: heard of them but don't know their songs
131. Backstreet Boys: incomplete
132. The Beatles: i know who they are but i have no idea
133. Sublime: i have no clue
134. J.Lo: i still have no clue
135. *Nsync: celebrity
136. Limp Bizkit: no clue
137. Britney Spears: Baby, One more time…
138. Creed: no clue
140. Good Charlotte: NO CLUE!
141. Christina Aguilera: genie in a bottle
142. Eminem: no clue
143. New Found Glory: no clue
144. Kelly Clarkston: Breakaway
145. Kelly Osbourne: no clue
146. Mandy Moore: in my pocket
147. Eve: no clue
148. Aaliyah: no clue
149. Nelly: no clue
150. Alicia Keys: no clue
151. Incubus: no clue

152. Color: blue
153. Food: hamburgers
154. Song: wake up by hilary duff
155. Show: the simpsons
156. School subject: math
157. Band/singer: BSB
158. Animal: dog
159. Outfit: Jeans and a t-shirt
160. Radio station: 106.5
161. Movie: harry potter
162. Pair of shoes: sketchers
163. Cartoon: kim possible
164. Actor: Orlando Bloom
165. Actress: i don't know if i have a favorite
166. Potato chip: baked lays
167. Drink: Water
168. Alcoholic drink: i don't drink
169. Holiday: Christmas
170. Perfume/cologne:
171. Pizza topping: cheese
172. Jello flavor: watermelon
173. lunch meat: Turkey
174. Board game: sorry
175. Video game: super mario sunshine
176. Website:
177. Book: Harry Potter
178. Computer game: Super Collapse
179. Number: 13
180. Cereal: special k with berrys
181. Comedian: Will Ferrell
182. Dessert: cake
183. Disney character: kim possible
184. Clothing store: JCPenny's
185. Pastime: swimming
186. Teacher: English III teacher
187. Childhood toy:
189. Candy bar: Milky Way
190. Magazine: seventeen
191. Salad dressing: Ranch
192. Thing to do on the weekend: sleep, watch tv, listen to music
193. Hot drink: hot chocolate
194. Season: fall
195. Sport to watch: swimming, gymanstics
196. Person to talk to online: Robin

~Your Bedroom/Sleeping Habits~
197. What color are your sheets? light green
198. What color are your bedroom walls? blue
199. Do you have posters on your wall? no posters but pictures that i printed from my computer
200. If so of what? harry potter and orlando bloom
201. Do you have a tv in your bedroom? yep but no cable
202. How many pillows are on your bed? 2
203. What do you normally sleep in? pajamas
204. Describe your favorite pair of pajamas: a tshirt and shorts or pajama bottoms in the winter
205. What size bed do you have? queen
206. Do you have a waterbed/bunkbed/daybed? No.
207. Do you have your own phone line in your bedroom?
208. Do you listen to music while trying to fall asleep? Nope
209. Describe the last nightmare you had: i don't remember it
210. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? sometimes
211. How many people can comfortably sleep in your bed? 2
212. Do you sleep in any unusual positions? No
213. Do you have to share your bedroom with a sibling? no
214. Do you snore? i don't think so
215. How about drool? Doesn’t everybody?
216. Do you have an alarm clock in your room? yes
217. What color is the carpet in your room? brownish color
218. What's under your bed? old sheets

~This or that~
219. beach/mountains: Beach
220. Donuts/bagels: Donuts or bagels… I like them both.
221. Day/night: Day
222. Wicked witch of the east/wicked witch of the west: i don't know!!
223. Heaven/hell: Heaven.
224. Make love/have sex: Is there a difference?
225. Coffee/tea: neither
228. Britney/Christina: Britney
229. Swiss cheese/american cheese: American
230. Real World/Road Rules: neither
231. Backstreet Boys/*Nsync: BSB
232. Silver/gold: gold
233. Nike/Adidas: Nike
234. McDonalds/Taco Bell: mcdonalds
235. Sweet/sour: Sweet.
236. Punk/emo: somebody please explain this…
237. Hot/cold: I guess I’d rather be cold… you can always put on more clothes!
238. Winter/summer: winter
239. Spring/fall: fall
240. Operas/plays: Plays.
241. Read/watch tv: both
242. Cd's/tapes: CDs.
243. Dvd's/vhs: DVDs
244. Old/new: new
245. Shorts/skirts: shorts
246. Pink/red: red
247. Colored pictures/black and white photos: Color
248. Meat/vegetables: meat
249. Mexican food/chinese food: Mexican.
250. Commercials/infomercials: commercials
251. Scary movies/comedies: comedies
252. Bikinis/one piece bathing suits: one pieces
253. Sandals/tennis shoes: tennis shoes
254. Dogs/cats: Dogs
255. Unicorns/fairies: Fairies
256. Water/land: Land
257. Sugar/spice: sugar
258. Black/white: don't know
259. ribbons/bows: Ribbons
260. Chicken/beef: beef
261. Colored christmas lights/regular white christmas lights: colored
262. Cars/trucks: cars
263. Austin Powers/James Bond: James Bond.
264. Popcorn/pretzels: Popcorn
265. Hip/hop: hip
266. Passionate kiss/peck: passionate kiss
267. WWE wrestling/real wrestling: real
268. Back rub/foot massage: Back rub
269. Picture frames/photo albums: photo albums
270. Pens/pencils: Pens

~What Is Your Opinion Of The Following~
271. Eminem: i don't know i have never listened to him
272. Virgins: Good for them! Wait until you’re married!
273. God: I love God!
274. The Osbournes: i don't really care
275. Reality TV: I don’t like reality TV.
276. J.Lo: No opinion
277. Religion: Christian
278. Emo music: Don’t know what that is
279. Valentine's Day: overrated
280. Christina Aguilera's comeback: She went away?
281. Homosexuals:i can live with it
282. Abortion: is wrong
283. Inter-racial relationships: nothing wrong with it
284. Murder: totally wrong
285. Death: it will come eventually
286. Obesity: i think we shouldn't judge fat people just because they are fat. it will make them feel worse and gain more weight so help them!
287. Pre-marital sex: No.
288. Terrorism: bad for the whole world
289. Pornography: gross
290. Fortune tellers: a joke
291. Threesomes: what?
292. Prostitution: wrong.
293. Politics: a pain
294. Country music: it is ok
295. George W. Bush: i voted for him
296. Cloning: no current opinion
297. Britney's boobs: what about them?
298. Gas prices in America: getting really expensive

there was more to this survey but i am getting very fed up with it and it's stupid questions so i am going to stop. and my computer is being slow.

August 26, 2005

this is murphy. he likes to sleep on my bed. Posted by Picasa

i took this picture when i had to go to the jewish synogogue for my world religion project. i saw this in the parking lot. i thought it was pretty funny. Posted by Picasa


so my mom and i went to get my books for this semester. i was able to get them all. it cost $725. that is with tax. there was a $50 tax!!! but i got those study guides and answer solution books. i really want to do really well this semester. so i got everything that could help. i think i am all ready for school to start. only 2 days left before i start. i am nervous. i cleaned up my room so i won't have to worry about it when school starts. it is also easier to do homework when everything is clean.

August 23, 2005

i have been Tagged!!

so i got tagged today by Carl. so i have to post five unique, obsessive traits on my blog and pass it on to five of my blogging friends. i will give it my best try.
1) i love to write letters and get mail.
2) i like to do laundry and the dishes!!! i don't know anyone else that likes to do it.
3) i am collecting all the 50 state quarters as they come out each year and put them on a map that i have
4) i love to read. i have books piled up next to my bed waiting to be read. someday i will post a picture of all the books i have just in my room. i have donated tons of books over the years and some got put in the bookshelves in my playroom. my sister says reading is not good for your brain. can you tell she doesn't like to read.
5) i collect pennies. every time i get a penny i put it into a jar. i only started this a couple years ago but the last time i cleaned out the jar it had at least $4.50 in it. it is only a 10 oz glass coke bottle.
this is supposed to be a chain thing. i am not sure if they will do it but i tried. if i tagged you, you need to put your five unique obsessive traits on your blog and then tag 5 people. here are the people i tagged:


August 21, 2005


i am officially done with summer school!! i just finished my bowling final. if i do well on the final i will get an A but most likely i will get a B in the class.
Vacation time!!!


going to take my bowling final. i hope it goes ok. last night i watched lord of the rings on tv!! can you believe it? i watched friday night too!! i saw an advertisment for forest gump on tnt(i think that is the channel). they are showing it next week.

August 20, 2005

so bored

wow i haven't been so bored in a long time. i really have nothing to do. i could start doing laundry but i am being lazy i guess and that won't keep me occupied for very long because once you sort it and put it in the washer you have like 45 minutes of nothing to do. i am lame.

August 19, 2005


well my chemistry grade was posted and i got a B. that means i got above a 50 on the final. i am kinda disappointed that i didn't get an A but at least i got one A this summer in world religion. my GPA went up this summer. i slept in pretty late today. my first day of my one week vacation. except for sunday where i have my bowling final. that is going to be interesting because i have no idea what to expect and i have no idea how i am doing in the class because we have no homework or just one test that was only like 10% of our grade so it won't affect our grad at all. but i got an 80% on that test so if you base it on that test i would have a B. but attendence is like 40% of our grade so i 100% on that. oh well. we will see by monday. no real plans for the week except for a dentist appointment and i have to go get my books but that is about it. i am hoping some of my friends will want to do some stuff before school starts again.

August 18, 2005


so i had my world religion final this morning. i did terrible on the final but i got the 30 points i needed to get my A!!!! i don't know my chemistry grade yet but i hope it is a B!
now i am on my break!! well except for my bowling final on sunday. but i am not too worried about that.

August 17, 2005


so i had my chemistry final today. i think i did ok. i am not sure. i tried all the problems so hopefully i get partial credit on everything. if i get over a 50 i will have a B. if i get an A on the final i will get an A in the class.
tomorrow is my world religion final. i only have to get a 30 to get an A in the class. i got an A on the project where we had to go to another religion's church service. i didn't think i wrote that good of a paper but i didn't get a perfect 100 on it. i got a 90 i think. 180/200 points. i think. so i have 870/1000 points so far and i have to get 900 to get an A so just 30 more points and i will have an A!!! :)
i have no idea what i have in bowling. we will have to see when i take the final on sunday.
i have a week off after all my finals.


so we got DSL!! i love it so far!! :)
i have my chemistry final tomorrow (which i guess is today because it is like 1AM) i am nervouse about it. if i absolutely blank out and can't do anything on the test i still get a C but if i get a 50 or higher i get a B and if i get 100 i can get an A. i will be happy with a B but it would be great to get an A!!! :)

August 11, 2005

even more...

i just keep thinking of more to say. yesterday i paid for my fall classes and the line was so long. but someone came through and told all the people that were paying it in full could go to this express line. so it bumped me up from like 10th in line to 2nd so that cut out 15minutes of waiting in line!! lots of people were doing this installment plan thing. but i have hardworking parents that can put down $700 at one time for my tuition. i love my parents!! there were so many people there trying to register too. and i heard one person ask an advicer what to do if they couldn't get any classes that they wanted to take. i don't remember what the advicer said but i just remember thinking that i was glad i went ahead and signed up for classes even thought i ended up signing up for economics instead of english. but i got all the other classes that i wanted. i was waiting to see if they would put up the english teachers but they haven't so i just signed up for economics. anyway i think it worked out that none of the english classes would fit in my schedule. oh well i will try to do it in the spring. i ended up signing up for:
History 1302(reconstruction to now)
math 1316 (trig)
Chemistry 1411 (general Chemisrty 1)
Biology 1406 (Biology 1)
Economics 2301 (macro)
so now you get to know what i am taking in the fall. and the chemistry and Biology are taught together so that will make it easier and i heard that chem 1411 is almost exactly the same as chem 1405 (which i have like an 89 in now). if i do really well on my final in chemistry i think i will get in A in the class. woppy!!


so i have finished my 2nd to last week of school. next week is finals!!! i am nervous. but all my homework is done. i just have to study for the finals and do the project for my world religions class. i have done the hard part of going to the church service. i just have to write a paper. so i am going to do that this weekend. also he gave us a couple of extra credit assignments so i am going to do that this weekend too. i have a B in world religions. i was kinda scared for a while because i did horribly on the 2nd test but i did well on the 3rd test so it made up for it!! and hopefully the 75 points of extra credit will help too!! 1 week to freedom!!


Guess what?!!! We are getting DSL!!!! I never thought that we would get anything better than dial-up. But a couple days ago my dad was like we are getting DSL!! So the service starts next Tuesday. They are suppose to be sending us our modem soon. And I have to get a wireless card so I can get on the network because we are going to have a wireless network. And my computer does not have a wireless card, it just has and Ethernet card in it and a dial up modem. but my brother has a wireless card for his old laptop so we are going to see if it will work on mine. i think his new computer came with a wireless card so he won't need the other one. I AM SO EXCITED!! we can all be on at the same time and get phone calls at the same time!! i think that is what i am going to like the best. i mean the speed is going to be a plus but i would get yelled at to get off the internet so someone can use the phone or get on the internet. so now i can stay on as long as i want and i won't block phone calls or everyone else from the internet. when you have unlimited time, it doesn't have to be super fast. but it will be faster anyway. if i could have it my way we would have cable internet because that is the fastest but we would have to do so much more to install it because my dad says that our cable connector thing that connects our house to the cable is old and we would have to replace that and get the cable box for digital cable and get the cable line added to a couple more rooms and stuff and it would be a major pain. i think that is a run on sentence but i don't feel like changing it. but i hope you guys understood what i was saying. anyway any upgrade is better than dial-up. so you guys will see me on the internet a lot more starting next week. at least on AIM.

August 09, 2005


so finals are coming up. i am nervous. i think i will get A's and B's in my classes. so i am ready for my week off. i registered for my classes today. i am taking Bio 1406, chem 1411, hist 1302, econ 1402, and math 1316. i think those are the correct numbers. not sure. but you get the idea of the classes i am taking. i was going to take english 1302 but they didn't put up the teachers and you have to pay by thursday so i decided to take the other classes. anyway i didn't have room in my schedule for any of the english classes. they were at times that i had other classes and i could not move those so i am going to take english in the spring.
it rained yesterday and today. i love rain.

August 06, 2005


So for all of those that got on AIM today may have noticed that I was on all day!! Um that was because I am at my mom's office today. I love the internet here. I have also finished all my chemistry homework for the rest of the semester!!! So I just have to study for the final. But I still have to do some world religions stuff but that is all!! I went to a Jewish synogue(sp?) last night! It was really interesting. so i just have to write a report on it or do a presentation. i think i might do the presentation. i got some good pictures so i think it would be fun to do the presentation. and easier. i hate writing papers.

August 05, 2005


001. I miss someone right now.
002. I watched more TV this year than last year.
003. I love olives.
004. I love sleeping.
005. I own a home.
006. I wear glasses or contact lenses.
007. I love to play video games.
008. I have done something illegal.
009. I have watched porn movies.
010. I have been in a threesome.
011. I have been the "psycho ex" in a past relationship.
012. I like my handwriting.
013. I have acne-free skin.
014. I curse frequently.
015. I have changed a lot over the past year.
016. I have a hobby.
017. I have been to another country.
018. I carry a weapon with me everywhere I go.
019. I have been told that I am very smart.
020. I have broken a bone.
021. I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal.
022. I love rain.
023. I can be paranoid at times.
024. I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free
025. I need money right now.
026. I have tried sushi.
027. I have been to Las Vegas.
028. I have at least one brother and/or sister.
029. I was born in a country other than the USA.
030. I shave my legs.
031. I have a twin.
032. I have Caller I.D. on my phone.
033. I am good at styling other people's hair.
034. I am usually pessimistic.
035. I have mood swings.
036. I think prostitution should be legalized.
037. I think Britney Spears is pretty.
038. I have cheated on a significant other.
039. I have a hidden talent.
040. I have been sexually intimate with more than ten people.
041. I am currently single.
042. I have kissed someone of the same sex.
043. I enjoy talking on the phone.
044. I love to shop.
045. I would classify myself as "ghetto".
046. I am obsessed with my xanga.
047. I don't hate anyone.
048. I am a good dancer.
049. I am embarrassed to be seen with my mother or father.
050. I have a cell phone.
051. I watch MTV on a daily basis.
052. I have passed out drunk at least once in the past 6 months.
053. I have been in a real relationship.
054. I have rejected someone before.
055. I currently have a crush on someone.
056. I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life.
057. I want to have children in the future.
058. I have changed a diaper.
059. I have had the cops called on me.
060. I bite my nails.
061. I am fatally allergic to something.
062. I have a lot to learn.
063. I have dated someone 10 years (or more) older or younger than me.
064. I am very shy around the opposite sex.
065. I am online 24/7, even as an away message.
066. I have been rejected by someone.
067. I have made a move on a friend's significant other in the past.
068. I have avoided work to play with my blog.
069. I, as a child, learned "the difference between boys and girls" with a neighbor or friend.
070. I enjoy country music.
071. I love my friends.
072. I think that Pizza Hut makes the best pizza.
073. I watch soap operas on a regular basis.
074. I am a perfectionist.
075. I love Michael Jackson - scandals and all.
076. I have watched the television show "Spongebob Squarepants"
077. I have dated a close friend's ex.
078. I am content as of this moment.
079. I have gone scuba diving.
080. I have had a crush on somebody I have never met.
081. I have kissed someone I knew I shouldn't.
082. I play a musical instrument.
083. I strongly dislike math.
084. I am procrastinating by filling out this list.
085. I own and use a library card.
086. I have been to Europe.
087. I have seen "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.
088. I have seen the television show "The O.C."
089. I am resentful that I have to grow up.
090. I like eating Ramen noodles.
091. I think the world would be a better place if people just smiled more often.
092. I am currently suffering of a broken heart.
093. I consider myself to be a "nerd.”
094. I am left handed.
095. I have had sex with someone I was not in a relationship with.
096. I enjoy smoothies.
097. I have had major surgery.
098. I have a pet.
099. I have been told that I have an unusual sense of humor.
100. I own 100 CDs or more.
101. I am currently in my pajamas.
102. I have a tendency to fall for the "wrong" girl/guy.
103. I will try anything once.
104. I have tried a drug that is illegal
105. I am a cuddler.
106. I have one or more body parts that are asymmetrical.
107. I am a Republican.
108. I am Catholic.
109. I am a college student.
110. I like to cook.
111. I like to vacuum.
112. I collect picture frames.
113. I get along with my parents.
115. I like love to sing.
116. I practice a religion that is not considered "mainstream".
117. I have counted down the days until the summer.
118. I have fulfilled someone's dare at a party or gathering.
119. I am, or was, pigeon-toed.
120. I have been to an anime convention.
121. I have a hard time paying attention at school.
122. I have a car.
123. I am an only child.
124. I work at a job that I enjoy.
125. I sleep a lot during the day.
126. I like the taste of blood.
127. I have swum in the ocean.
128. I know how to shoot a gun.
129. I like being the center of attention.
130. I am currently pregnant.
131. I have watched "Sex and the City".
132. I am married.
133. I want to get married.
134. I have all my grandparents.
135. I am a huge fan of lists.
136. I have had my hair cut within the last week.
137. I enjoy jazz music.
138. I am a "morning person".
139. I currently regret something that I have done.
140. I have written a story outside of school.
144. I love Rammstein.
145. cKy is the best band ever.
146. I admire Marilyn Manson as a photographic/cinematographic artist.
147. I love classical music.
148. I think pot should be legalized.
149. I must have ice in my water in order to drink it.
150. I have boxers with sunglasses-wearing ducks.
151. I can pick things up with my toes.
152. I think Frank Sinatra is fantastic.
153. It is a triumph in my life to be healthy for a month.
154. I am currently not wearing shoes.
155. I am an uncle/aunt to more than one person.
156. I have unusually large/small feet.
157. Have read one or more Star Wars books.
158. I've gone skinny dipping by myself/with other people around at least once.
159. I have gotten in trouble for doing things with neo glow worm candies during truth or dare.
160. At this moment in time, I need to pee.
161. I don't get hangovers.
162. I'm listening to music.
163. I have 1 or more tattoos
167. I spend way too much time on the computer.
168. I need to do laundry.

i got this from Julia

August 04, 2005


I hate that time of the month....... It makes you feel really bad for a few days. I am sure all girls can relate to this!! So now I officially have 2 weeks left of school!! One week of normal classes and then finals!! ainsley starts in a week. So does Andrew. Sorry to say this but I can't wait until he leaves. He is on my case about everything!! And last night he tried to tell us that the shuttle explosion 2 years ago was not over regions weekend but it so totally was. I remember being in the hotel room watching the news and them showing the explosion!!! And when I said this he was like no stupid!! It was not over regions!! I was like yeah it was!!! It was the year that regions was early and that it was a week after districts. Just because I go to community college does not mean I am stupid even though it feels like everyone treats me like I am. I think I am pretty smart. I have above a 3.0 GPA. I am not going to say what it is because it is going to change in 2 weeks so it really doesn't matter.
in my chemistry class there is this girl that complains how she has a 4.0 GPA and that the chemistry class is going to lower it because she does not have an A!!! I am like get over it!!(I really don't tell her that) but just because you might get a B is not going to ruin your life. I understand that she wants to apply to hygiene school but one B will not totally ruin her chances. if she does not get in, she should just take it again and get an A because she has taken it already. but that doesn't always work because my lab partner that never comes has taken it 3 times and i think she is going to fail it again because 1. she never comes to classes or labs 2. she never turns in stuff because of #1 and 3. i think she has failed the tests (at least the last one because she barely worked on it for 5 minutes before she turned it in and it looked like the first page was blank). i fortunately have an A so far (i think)
yesterday i talked to my english teacher that i had for 1301 and asked her if she was teaching 1302. she didn't know and on the website where you search for classes doesn't have the teachers up either. i really want to get english over with by taking it in the fall. i also want to have my old math teacher for trig but they haven't put the math teachers up yet either. but i know all my other teachers.
i think that is enough for now.

August 02, 2005


so it is august 2nd!! i have 2 and half weeks left of summer school!! yeah!! then i have a week off and then i get to start the fall semester. wohoo!!! nothing much is really going on. just school mainly. i sorta want to go on a roadtrip during my week off but i don't think it will happen. most likely i will just sit at home and watch tv and go to the gym. i was thinking about joining a bowling leauge. they start in september and there is this start wars one that you can get a ball and a ball bag for joining!! so i think i might do that one. and it is on sundays so it won't get in the way of anything.