August 27, 2004


it is so hot!! i just went to lunch.....had to walk so now i am all sweaty and yucky. i hate hot weather!! this weekend we are suppose to have cool front come through!! i hope it stays for a long time!! climbing up 3 flights of stairs isn't as bad as i thought it would be!! and walking to and from lunch isn't that bad. it is when it is very hot that i don't like the long walks. i think i will tour around campus tomorrow or sunday when it is cooler. when i was walking back from lunch someone gave me a free cd! it was with some promotion or something. college life is ok so far. wish i had a car so i wouldn't have to walk everywhere. well i would walk to class but i would want a car to go to a restruant or walmart or something like that. but my roommate has a car so maybe she will drive me places once in a while. and i saw some buses so maybe i can get see where they go.

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