August 30, 2008


i am very nervous about selling the razr phone on ebay. i had one return on it and one person that didn't pay. i relisted it the other day and i am having a person from another country bidding on it. i have posted on the description that they need to check to make sure that it is supported overseas. so i posted another note on the description, in red and caps, that they need to make sure it is supported before bidding and that i will not accept returns if it is not supported and they won. i hope i did the right thing. i just feel jinxed with that phone. i have never had so much trouble with an item before. it still has 5 days on the auction so hopefully someone in the us will win it so i don't have to worry.
i kinda hope that the hurricane will come close to us so i can have more time off. i guess you can say i have senioritis. i will only have 3 days of classes this week anyway but still that would be cool if all 3 days were cancelled! then i would have a whole week off after 1 week of school. but you can't blame me because i only had a week of summer vacation. and i didn't get to actually go anywhere.

last semester of college!

so i finished my last first week of school! my classes seem to be pretty easy. i have 2 group projects though. i hate group projects. i know at least 1 person in every class except for statistics. i like my teachers. i have already applied for graduation. probably around october or november i will probably start getting really excited about graduation.
so for about 3 weeks i have been saving my spam and letting it build up in my spam folder. i have 2681 spam e-mails. i can't stand it anymore i just have to delete it all. it is getting on my nerves. it has slowed down a little bit. i used to get about a 1000 a week but i think this week it slowed down because if i had really gotten a 1000 a week it would be over a 3000 emails. oh well it is gone.

August 20, 2008


so i finally got my management grade up and i ended up getting a B+ instead of a B! so i am happy about that!
so i was looking at all the spam i have been getting and some of it has the wrong date. some of it is from 2038! how do that get it like that? that is clue number one when i am going through e-mail to see if it is spam. sometimes it comes with the wrong date but i have no idea how they do that.
it has been raining a lot here this week. i love rain. and i have been really lucky in that i can still take murphy on all of his walks. i have had great timing except for this morning, it sprinkled on us. oh well at least it didn't poor!

August 19, 2008


so i found out my finance grade. i ended up getting a C-. i did terrible on the final. if i had done better i could have gotten a B. oh well i just needed to pass the class to get credit. i think that is a good grade for the class because it is summer school and the teacher is very hard. the final was nothing like the sample final she gave out. i could do that just fine. i just wish she could have given us a formula sheet. i think i would have done a lot better with that. but my management teacher has not turned in the grades to the school so i have a NR for my grade and i don't want him to forget to turn them in because i need that class and since i am graduating in december, i don't want anything to mess up those chances. anyway i know i got a B in that class. surprisingly the C- didn't bring down my gpa that much. if i get all As this next semester i can get above a 3.0! that is what i am shooting for. right now i am in between a B and B- gpa. a little bit closer to a B gpa.

August 17, 2008

spam again

so i have gotten over a 1000 spam e-mails in a week. that must be a record. i wish i knew where to look that up. does anyone know?

August 16, 2008


it is pretty awesome! michael phelps has gotten 8 GOLD MEDALS! i was so excited! and dara torres is pretty awesome too. to be able to get medals in the olympics when you are 41 is amazing. i am sad that the swimming is over. gymanstics and track are a pretty good watch too. today we watched trampoline. which i had no idea was an olympic sport. there was this guy in that event named dong dong. and then my dad is like it is a good thing he isn't named ding dong. i laughed so hard!
so an update on how many spam e-mails i have gotten: 975! i think that is a record. tomorrow will make it a week. somebody help me figure out if there is some kind of record for that!

August 15, 2008


so i must be on some mega list for spam or something! so in the 5 days that i have decided to not delete my spam and to see how fast it would build up, i have gotten 800 spam emails. is that sad or what? what is the most you have gotten in one day or week or however often you check your email? and yes i would like responses on that!

August 13, 2008


so i am now officially on summer vacation for a week and half! i had my last final yesterday. now i just have to wait for my grades. i sometimes think that is the hardest part. i am pretty positive that i past. even my finance class. i think i had to get like a 20 to pass the class. but an 80 to get a B. i am hoping that i get a B but i guess i would be happy with a passing grade too. just as long as i get credit for the class. i don't really want to have to repeat the class. i also like having only 4 classes on my schedule. it is a lot easier. and i don't want to have to take finance and statistics together. once i get my grades back i am going to apply for graduation! i have to apply before september 17 or something like that. i might even make a visit to my advisor before i apply too.
so i have lots of cleaning up to do that was neglected during summer school.
so i am still waiting for that guy to pay for the phone i sold on ebay. but i told him that i will give him until friday to pay. i kinda would like to report them to ebay. but i guess there is no garrentee that i will be able to sell it again.

August 11, 2008


swimming is awesome! last nights relay was so amazing!
so i get so much spam every day that i have decided to stop deleting it and let it start building up in my spam folder. i just want to see how fast it builds up. it has been about a day and half and i already have over 200 spam emails. i want to see how fast it gets up to 1000. i wonder if there is a limit in how much you can have in your spam folder. i wonder if it gets to certian point that yahoo will just delete it. i know they delete it after 30 days but i wonder if they would ever delete it before that. maybe we will see how much i get in 3o days. maybe i will go for a record. is there a record? maybe i can set one if there isn't one.
today and tomorrow are my last days of summer school. then i start school again on august 25. but it will be my last semester! i can't believe it.

August 10, 2008

lots of stuff

so my parents have really started looking for a new house. they are looking at getting a townhouse downtown so that they don't have to drive so far everyday to work. especially in the current gas prices. the idea all started with my dad. so then i said we should get a lakehouse if we get a smaller place downtown. spend the week downtown and the weekends and holidays and vacations at the lakehouse. it doesn't sound like a bad idea. and if we ended up moving before i finished school, i would have a shorter commute too. i have a longer commute than my parents too. but who know how long it will take my parents to find a place they like? this could take years like how it took 2 years to paint the outside of our house. so it may not even affect me except where i go home for christmas. but if i end up working downtown i like the townhouse idea. anyway we have just been driving around looking at houses but today my dad is actually going to meet my mom and they might actually look inside a couple. it would be really weird if they came home and said they bought a house. i know it doesn't work that quickly but they might have bid on one or something. not likely though.
i only have 2 days left of summer school. i should be studying but i can't concentrate. so far i have an A in my management class and i am inbetween in finance. if i do well on my final in finance i can get a B but if i don't i would get a C. i don't really care if i get a C or not because so many people seem to fail that class. someone got an 8 on the last test. too bad they can't drop the class because it was already after the drop date. i have gotten 78 and a 76 on the test. the second test i made lots of stupid mistakes. but if i get an 80 or higher i will get a B. hopefully i can get a B so that all the good grades i have gotten recently won't be hurt by finance. i am so close to getting over a 3.0 gpa. but at least i have another semester to raise my gpa. and i don't know if a C will do that much damage. A D will hurt my gpa though.
i am still waiting for the person to pay me for the phone i sold on ebay. i have sent them several messages but no response. so i sent them a message to pay by this coming friday. that would have given them 2 weeks to pay for it. i think that is pretty reasonable considering lots of sellers on ebay require immediate payment or payment within 3 days. some let you go as far as 10 days but i don't know if i have seen anyone that lets you go 2 weeks. one person that bought an old bsb calendar from me took 10 days to pay but she had contacted me before bidding to ask for a little time and i had said yes if she won and i end up get $20 for it so it was worth it. but with no contact at all is bad. so on friday i will send in a unpaid report to ebay and hopefully they will get the person to pay or make it so that they don't charge any fees and i can relist it.

August 07, 2008

my online stores

so the exciting part is that i sold another textbook online. i have sold almost 20 things online between ebay and amazon. i also have sold textbooks for more than i would have gotten from the bookstore.
i guess the joke is on me. i was so excited when i sold my old phone for $75. and i was laughing at the guy that had returned it to me (see previous posts). anyway it has been almost a week and they haven't paid. so i am getting worried that they won't pay. it is a good thing that i can send ebay after them and hopefully i can get my money or i can relist it. see the links to my stores (in the links section to the right) and maybe you can find something you would like. i will probably put up more stuff while i am on vacation.
my diet is going well. i have lost about 25 pounds. sunday is the last day of the scary hard diet part. i will probably go more towards a weight watchers diet after this.

August 04, 2008


i am so excited! i have listed a couple of items and they go quickly! i listed this cube thing yesterday and someone bought it today! another item did the same thing last week. and i thought that they would be there forever. some things have to be listed several times before they sell.
school has been cancelled for tomorrow! i am excited! a day off. and i have less than a week left until summer school is over! i need to go to the career office soon so maybe i can get my resume in good condition and out there so then i could get interviews! that is 1 thing that i am scared about after graduation is not being able to find a job.

August 03, 2008

summer surprises

it has been so hot and dry here lately. so today about an hour ago, we got a sudden huge thunderstorm. it is nice to get rain. we haven't gotten much rain here this summer. i think we were like 7 inches behind where we should have been or something like that.
so i have been selling stuff on ebay. i have sold 9 things since the begining of july. i think that is pretty good. i got about 11 things left on there. it seems every day i am adding new things to the list. during my week off, i am planning to clean out/organize my room and i will probably be adding more suff soon. i don't know. it is kinda fun to sell stuff online. here is a link to my Ebay store i don't know if i will put a lot of stuff up there or not. i just want to make a little money off what i am trying to get rid of. some things i would probably just give away but i guess it depends on the item