February 11, 2010

so i am going to have my wisdom teeth taken out on monday. i am going to have all 4 taken out at the same time. i hope it doesn't hurt too much. i will probably get to eat lots of ice cream and yummy stuff like that! :)
i updated the look to my guestbook. mainly i just changed the colors. i am glad that some of you actually have signed it! i like hearing back from you readers that actually read my blog. :)

February 10, 2010

not much is going on. i have been told i am too boring. i guess i don't care because i am not going to do a whole bunch of stuff that i don't want to do just be not boring. i would do more of some stuff if i was actually good at them but since i have a limited choice of what i am good at, i guess that makes my life boring.
anyway i am  going to get at least one of my wisdom teeth out. tomorrow i am going to i guess a specialist to see if i am going to go ahead and just have them all out or just the one. my dentist said that i might as well have them all out at the same time since i am young and can handle it better than having more problems when i am older. i kinda agree. might as well get the pain over with. don't know when i will actually get them out. probably soon. hopefully by next week.

February 03, 2010

so valentines day is coming up soon. i don't think i will get anything this year as usual. last year i actually bought stuff for myself. that was a new low. i don't think i will buy myself anything this year unless i suddenly get a lot of money and then i would buy myself an imac. but i haven't really gotten anything for valentines day since the days of when your friends would give you a card or something. remember the days when you would buy those little cards to hand out to your whole class? i don't think i have ever had a real valentine. it would be cool to finally have a boyfriend so i could actually celebrate this holiday but i am not going to go out and get a boyfriend just for that. anyway i don't think anyone is ever going to be interested in me. most people just can't get beyond the fat. and for me it is all in 2 areas that don't seem to want to go away. no matter what i do. my clothes sizes are at least 2 sizes bigger just because of these 2 areas. it makes me sooo mad. sorry to go on about that. i just hate those 2 areas sooo much. i would consider plastic surgery but i know the doctors will just say keep dieting and i can't really afford it anyway without going completely broke. i am saving my money for when i really might need it. like suddenly getting kicked out or needing to move to a different city which would be cool but i don't know if i would want to move without knowing that i would have a job there first.