October 09, 2004

random things

ainsley took the sat this morning. she said it was hard. hope she got a good grade. i found a disposable camera the other day when i was finishing unpacking. it has 12 pictures left on it. maybe i will find something to take a picture of. i am still trying to find a college that i could take a correspondence class with. i am somewhat leaning towards texas tech-mainly because i have taken a correspondence course with them before. we will figure it out soon. still cloudy. the power went out yesterday for really no reason at all. usually it goes out when it is raining really hard out but it was not even drizzling out. it was a little cloudy but that was it. anyway it came back on in about an hour. still haven't heard from randalls. ainsley doesn't have school on monday so i am going to take the car and go apply to a whole bunch of different places. might even go talk to the people at randalls first. see if i could have an interveiw on monday so i turn up for an interview all hot and sweaty from walking up there. i will have to look for a bike rack so if they do i could ride my bike to work. i don't think i will get so hot and sweaty doing that and i will get there faster. anyone selling a car for somewhat cheap? comment or e-mail me!!

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