May 05, 2008

school and other stuff

so i am done with 3 classes and i just have my statistics final left on wednesday! i already know that i got a B in intro to human resources and a B+ in economics of globalization. i am pretty sure that i will get a B in my english class and an A in statistics. i think that this semester will raise my GPA. i now just have to get through summer school and the fall semester and i will get to graduate from UH!!
on friday i am having my hair cut. i haven't had a hair cut since october i think. i love getting hair cuts because at least my hair always feel so good afterwards and they can style it so much better than i could have done.
we are getting a new couch today. on saturday we went to the dump and we found a couch that we really like and it is so comfortable!
i have found that i like strawberry daquries! i am not sure if i spelled that right but hopefully you guys know what i am talking about!

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