August 03, 2008

summer surprises

it has been so hot and dry here lately. so today about an hour ago, we got a sudden huge thunderstorm. it is nice to get rain. we haven't gotten much rain here this summer. i think we were like 7 inches behind where we should have been or something like that.
so i have been selling stuff on ebay. i have sold 9 things since the begining of july. i think that is pretty good. i got about 11 things left on there. it seems every day i am adding new things to the list. during my week off, i am planning to clean out/organize my room and i will probably be adding more suff soon. i don't know. it is kinda fun to sell stuff online. here is a link to my Ebay store i don't know if i will put a lot of stuff up there or not. i just want to make a little money off what i am trying to get rid of. some things i would probably just give away but i guess it depends on the item

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