August 30, 2008

last semester of college!

so i finished my last first week of school! my classes seem to be pretty easy. i have 2 group projects though. i hate group projects. i know at least 1 person in every class except for statistics. i like my teachers. i have already applied for graduation. probably around october or november i will probably start getting really excited about graduation.
so for about 3 weeks i have been saving my spam and letting it build up in my spam folder. i have 2681 spam e-mails. i can't stand it anymore i just have to delete it all. it is getting on my nerves. it has slowed down a little bit. i used to get about a 1000 a week but i think this week it slowed down because if i had really gotten a 1000 a week it would be over a 3000 emails. oh well it is gone.

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