September 02, 2008

spam and selling stuff

i still get a ton of spam a 100 a day at least! most of it goes to the spam folder but still it is a pain to see that all the time.......i have to delete it because i can't stand it sitting there and building up and taking up space.
i am selling a razr on ebay and the bidding has only gotten up to $5.50 and the auction ends tomorrow. also the person that is wining is from ukraine. i am not sure it will work over there and i have put up plenty of notices about it might not work in other countries and i guess they don't want to pay attention to that. i think i talked about the message i put up but i am not sure that anybody has read it on here. i am glad that i put a reserve of $75 on it. because it is definitly worth more than $5.50. especially since i spent $45 to fix the screen and it has all the chargers and manuals and everything. i just wish that the person who won it last time had actually paid the $75 he bid on it!
this week will be nice and short. only 3 days of school and then a 3 day weekend. :)
i put a wanted ad up on craigslist because i want to find a vw beetle. i hope i get some real email responses because when we were selling a car on there, we got a couple of scam e-mails. if people would actually spend the time that they use on scamming people and actually do real work, people would be a lot happier. facebook has tons of scammers now too. i put up a book on the marketplace thing last night and already this morning i had a scam message. they wanted to know all my information so that they could wire me money or something for the book. it makes me so mad! it is a waste of my time to have to go through all the junk that i get.

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