October 05, 2008

first job interview

so last tuesday i had a job interview at primerica. it started out alright. they gave a presentation. it sounded alright until i started asking questions. i found out that they offer NO benefits and it is ALL comission on sales. no base salary at all. you can ended up making a lot of money. but there is no gaurantee at all. and first you have to go get a license too. you can't earn any money until you get it. you can go and work with someone at the company while you are doing that but you will earn NOTHING until that happens. i am looking for a job that has at least some gaurentee of benefits and salary. so i ended up being so disappointed. it started out great because they were like you can make TONS OF MONEY! they kept pushing that. but they didn't want to talk about how there are NO BENEFITS! then they started to pressure me to accept a job right then and everything. i couldn't do that. so i was like GIVE ME A FEW DAYS ALRIGHT!!! especially since i had 2 tests last week. so for everyone looking at them be careful! don't be pressured into doing anything with them. i am not sure i like how they operate anyway.

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