March 26, 2008

spam and scammed

so i just checked my gmail and i had no e-mail but i had plenty of spam!! more like 253 spam e-mails!! i have never had so many in my life. i think it has just gotten too out of control. i wish people had something better to do than spam people with unwanted e-mails!!
and so yet again i have been scammed on acebucks. this world seems to be full of people just out to get you when you have done nothing wrong to them. they just want your money or car or whatever. and of course acebucks does nothing to try to prevent scammers even though there have been plenty of complaints with a few coming from me.
also another creepy thing happened. i started getting e-mails from this dvd club. and so i was like ok just more spam. then i got an e-mail saying they had shipped me a movie that i had "ordered"! they had my address and everything! it was so scary! so i sent in a complaint to that saying i had never signed up for their club and definitly didn't order a dvd from them. and they are like ok. so they sent me one of those prepaid address things to send back the dvd. i sent a note along saying that i definitly do not want to be in their club and that i never signed up for it and anything else that they send me i was going to be responsible for and i probably won't waste my time to send back. i gave them a far warning. anyway they need to be carefull to check on who is signing up and if they are using the correct info and all that. all i want to know is who signed me up? or at least signed up in my name and address. i definitly didn't do it.

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