August 10, 2008

lots of stuff

so my parents have really started looking for a new house. they are looking at getting a townhouse downtown so that they don't have to drive so far everyday to work. especially in the current gas prices. the idea all started with my dad. so then i said we should get a lakehouse if we get a smaller place downtown. spend the week downtown and the weekends and holidays and vacations at the lakehouse. it doesn't sound like a bad idea. and if we ended up moving before i finished school, i would have a shorter commute too. i have a longer commute than my parents too. but who know how long it will take my parents to find a place they like? this could take years like how it took 2 years to paint the outside of our house. so it may not even affect me except where i go home for christmas. but if i end up working downtown i like the townhouse idea. anyway we have just been driving around looking at houses but today my dad is actually going to meet my mom and they might actually look inside a couple. it would be really weird if they came home and said they bought a house. i know it doesn't work that quickly but they might have bid on one or something. not likely though.
i only have 2 days left of summer school. i should be studying but i can't concentrate. so far i have an A in my management class and i am inbetween in finance. if i do well on my final in finance i can get a B but if i don't i would get a C. i don't really care if i get a C or not because so many people seem to fail that class. someone got an 8 on the last test. too bad they can't drop the class because it was already after the drop date. i have gotten 78 and a 76 on the test. the second test i made lots of stupid mistakes. but if i get an 80 or higher i will get a B. hopefully i can get a B so that all the good grades i have gotten recently won't be hurt by finance. i am so close to getting over a 3.0 gpa. but at least i have another semester to raise my gpa. and i don't know if a C will do that much damage. A D will hurt my gpa though.
i am still waiting for the person to pay me for the phone i sold on ebay. i have sent them several messages but no response. so i sent them a message to pay by this coming friday. that would have given them 2 weeks to pay for it. i think that is pretty reasonable considering lots of sellers on ebay require immediate payment or payment within 3 days. some let you go as far as 10 days but i don't know if i have seen anyone that lets you go 2 weeks. one person that bought an old bsb calendar from me took 10 days to pay but she had contacted me before bidding to ask for a little time and i had said yes if she won and i end up get $20 for it so it was worth it. but with no contact at all is bad. so on friday i will send in a unpaid report to ebay and hopefully they will get the person to pay or make it so that they don't charge any fees and i can relist it.

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