August 30, 2008


i am very nervous about selling the razr phone on ebay. i had one return on it and one person that didn't pay. i relisted it the other day and i am having a person from another country bidding on it. i have posted on the description that they need to check to make sure that it is supported overseas. so i posted another note on the description, in red and caps, that they need to make sure it is supported before bidding and that i will not accept returns if it is not supported and they won. i hope i did the right thing. i just feel jinxed with that phone. i have never had so much trouble with an item before. it still has 5 days on the auction so hopefully someone in the us will win it so i don't have to worry.
i kinda hope that the hurricane will come close to us so i can have more time off. i guess you can say i have senioritis. i will only have 3 days of classes this week anyway but still that would be cool if all 3 days were cancelled! then i would have a whole week off after 1 week of school. but you can't blame me because i only had a week of summer vacation. and i didn't get to actually go anywhere.

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