September 08, 2008

new church building

so this summer my church moved into the the new church building. i was kinda against the new building for many reasons:
  1. i have been going to trinity for my WHOLE LIFE. i have been going to church services in now the old church. it is cute and a place that i can actually imagine having my wedding in.
  2. the new place reminds me of those tv churches. they are now actually using projectors to put up bible verses and songs on the wall. what is wrong with using the hymnals and bibles that are in the pew? if you just tell people what the bible verse is, they won't learn how to look it up themselves and they will just end up taking the pastor word for it that that is actually what that verse is. kinda reminds me of when in the 1500 when the bible was in a foriegn language that nobody but the preist could understand and most of the population couldn't read anyway and they had to take the preist's word for it and the preist could say whatever they want.
  3. the old church had no problems with it. for most of the year, we could fit everyone in. it is only when christmas and easter came around that we had seating problems. lets face it, there are only people that will come on the holidays and no matter how big or new the church is, they will only come a couple times a year.
  4. they have now totally changed the service schedule. there are now only 2 church times and there used to be 3. and they just had to take away the time that we liked to go to. they have made it all confusing.
  5. this last point is i guess a good thing. they did not tear down the old church. yay! they are converting it to a youth building. i have seen pictures. it is kinda wierd to look at. maybe after the 4th new church building they have learned their lesson. the first 2 churches that trinity had they tore down and rebuilt on top. my mom told me that the church was always divided on the subject of getting new churches. we came right after the old church was built and mom heard all the stories.

i guess it doesn't really matter what i think. i might not be going there much longer. i don't know what i will be doing after i graduate. i may be moving far far away. and i am not exactly someone that volunteers for 6million things at the church. there isn't that many things for me to be involved in anymore. when i was younger there was all the junior high and high school groups and the little kids all have things that they can do. then you have the older adult groups. there is suppose to be a college sunday school class but half the time i don't know where they meet. one time they said they would be at starbucks....nope! so i stopped trying and now that i am about to graduate... a college group is not what i need. there used to be a young adults group but i can't find a thing about them anymore. i want to get more active again.

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