December 03, 2008


so i put up flyers around school to try to sell my stats book. they won't take it back at the bookstore because it is one of the books that is not bound so once you open the package, they won't buy it back. so i finally got someone interested. but we haven't actually met to exchange money/books so it isn't officially sold yet but i am on the way there. and i guess yesterday started my good luck in selling things again. someone bought one of my listings on amazon. i have sold 12 things so it averages out to be once a month because i started selling stuff last november on amazon. after school is out, i am really going to go through my room and clean it out. i really feel like i have too much stuff. i might sell some of it but i will probably end up donating a lot of stuff. i hope a lot of people buy a lot of my listings for christmas.
so today i took my 2nd to last test of college! tomorrow i have my statistics test. it will be my last test of college unless i go back for graduate school or something. i already know that i made an A in one of my management classes. and i think i will be getting Bs in my other management classes. and i am not sure about statistics. i can either get a B, C, or D. i can't get an A because i would have to get like a 115 or something. and i can't fail because i would have to get a negative number for that so i am feelling pretty good about it.

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