August 07, 2008

my online stores

so the exciting part is that i sold another textbook online. i have sold almost 20 things online between ebay and amazon. i also have sold textbooks for more than i would have gotten from the bookstore.
i guess the joke is on me. i was so excited when i sold my old phone for $75. and i was laughing at the guy that had returned it to me (see previous posts). anyway it has been almost a week and they haven't paid. so i am getting worried that they won't pay. it is a good thing that i can send ebay after them and hopefully i can get my money or i can relist it. see the links to my stores (in the links section to the right) and maybe you can find something you would like. i will probably put up more stuff while i am on vacation.
my diet is going well. i have lost about 25 pounds. sunday is the last day of the scary hard diet part. i will probably go more towards a weight watchers diet after this.

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