June 22, 2008

school and july 4th

so i have been doing pretty well in summer school so far. i am starting to feel like i am getting really close to graduate. i need to pass at least 3 classes this summer. i have never failed a class yet but it feels good to know that i have some room in my schedule. because if i fail only 1 class, i have free space in my fall schedule to take it over again. i am only taking 4 classes in the fall so i should be ok. i am starting to see the end. i am glad that i am taking summer school. so far it feels worth it.
we are thinking about what to do on the the 4th of july. i was saying maybe we could have a pool party and cookout. but everyone i suggest to have over, my parents are like well they usually go see their family or they probably have plans or something like that. oh well it really doesn't matter.
my dad sold his car a couple weeks ago. so of course he is the one that gets to get a new car. when will it ever be MY turn? my turn should have come about a year ago. i am starting to think we should have sued the pants off the insurance company. then i might actually have gotten a new car!
does anyone else get any incredible amount of spam everyday? in any given day i can get as much as 100 spam e-mails. i guess i wouldn't mind a few but 100 seems to be too much! i don't even know how i get on these lists!
last night was scary! we had someone walking around in our backyard! we have a metal fence that runs down the middle of the backyard and we heard it open and close. it really makes a noise when someone goes through it. after i heard the person leave the backyard i looked out the front window and i saw a black truck and some people standing around it. i have no idea who they were. so we had the police officer that is suppose to patrol our neighborhood come over and look around. the people had left by the time that the police officer came. i hope they don't come back. it made me scared and i am starting to like my dad's idea of moving. my neighborhood might not be as safe as it used to be.

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