September 06, 2008

home videos

so i am taking all of our home vidoes and putting them on my nice 500 gb external hard drive and then i am going to edit them and organize them and put them onto a dvd. or several dvds. anyway the software i have that i am using will play the video as it is downloading it and so i have to watch it. anyway i want to take notes on what is on what tape so i can label things. anyway i am finding old christmas videos and easter videos. most of it is swimming but there is a lot of good old memories. and we actually have video of little ben when he was like 7 and he is running around and enjoying himself. made me so happy to see that. anyway i have only seen the stuff that is for our current video camera. so the next step is to find the old tapes for the our old camera that broke like 15 years ago. that stuff will probably be even better. my grandma brought a couple of tapes for me to download and we have just watched those on the regular VCR and they are from when i was like 5 and they are great! it is going to be fun doing this project. it is going to take me forever but i am enjoying it. most of the time is going to be downloading the videos. i already have an idea on how i want to edit and arrange things. i am glad that this semester isn't going to be too hard so i can spend lots of time on this. by thanksgiving, i will only have a week left of school! i have no finals! after thanksgiving, i have a last test in statistics. i am done with school on december 4th! but i am actually considering maybe getting my MBA but i think i might wait a couple of years and get a couple of years of work experience or at least figure out what i really want to do. maybe if i don't get a job, i will apply for next year or something.

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