September 17, 2008

hurricane ike

so hurricane ike has come and gone. we lost power about 10pm on friday night. so we all went to bed. the winds were starting to get pretty bad. about 3am i moved downstair and slept in my parent's bathroom. at about 4am i was up and i look outside. i noticed that one of our trees wasn't straight anymore. it ended up falling and breaking a set of windows in my living room. we have a tarp set in there until we fix it. it took us 4 days to clean up. we had someone come by and chop up the the fallen tree. but it seemed like we had it the worst on our street. some people in the neighborhood don't seem to be affected at all!!!! then there are some like us. and some in between. but every day during the clean up, i was so tired afterwards. we still don't have power so the only time i can get on the internet is at school or at some place that lets us get on the internet like yesterday i was a panera bread. i wish we would get power NOW! we have been going out to eat a lot the past few days because a lot of stuff that we have has gone bad. and we can only grill out which is what we did the first few days. we have been sleeping with the windows open to let the cool air in. it is so lucky that we are having a cool front. but i think we might all get sick with having the windows open and the cold air coming in.

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