December 02, 2008

the end of the semester!

i only have 2 more days left of school! yay! i just have 2 tests left! i am 99% positive that i will pass and graduate! i can't believe that it is almost here! i sent out graduation announcements today to a couple of people. if you want an announcement, just e-mail me or comment on this post. i am also getting ready to send out Christmas cards. if you want one, do the same as above!
when i ordered my graduation announcements in october, i got a comfirmation e-mail. it had a spelling mistake on my name. so i e-mailed them to correct it and they said they would. well guess what happened? they still had a spelling mistake! but thank goodness, it was just in the address labels. so i still sent out some to people that really know me and know how to spell my name. and i am not sure how many will notice it. oh well. i email them and they are going to send me new address labels for free. so i guess i will wait to send out more. i am not sure who else to send them to anyway.
the good news is that i have started christmas shopping! :) well i ordered something online so i needed to do it early anyway. i think i can get the rest at the regular store.

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