September 22, 2008

i love school computers!

so i have been getting to know the school computers very well! since i STILL don't have power, i am on the school computers to check my e-mail and do school work and print stuff. i don't want to use my laptop that much because once the battery dies, i don't have a place to charge it really unless i take it with me to school. we finally got a generator and i guess i could charge my computer on that but i would rather use the power for fans and tv and the refrigerator and lights. our cable is out because we tried to watch cable but it wouldn't come in. so we are using the bunny ears to watch the basic channels but i still got my simpsons fix last night! :) part of my neighborhood has power but my block doesn't have power. i am not sure what is going on but i hope they fix it soon! but i am happier because i can finally print my homework at school!! so that is taking a stress off. i hope to post pictures soon!!

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