August 19, 2008


so i found out my finance grade. i ended up getting a C-. i did terrible on the final. if i had done better i could have gotten a B. oh well i just needed to pass the class to get credit. i think that is a good grade for the class because it is summer school and the teacher is very hard. the final was nothing like the sample final she gave out. i could do that just fine. i just wish she could have given us a formula sheet. i think i would have done a lot better with that. but my management teacher has not turned in the grades to the school so i have a NR for my grade and i don't want him to forget to turn them in because i need that class and since i am graduating in december, i don't want anything to mess up those chances. anyway i know i got a B in that class. surprisingly the C- didn't bring down my gpa that much. if i get all As this next semester i can get above a 3.0! that is what i am shooting for. right now i am in between a B and B- gpa. a little bit closer to a B gpa.

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