December 30, 2008

no jobs here

so christmas break has been pretty good. but it seemed like anyone wanted to talk to me about was if i had gotten a job yet. did i have any interviews that day or any question related to getting a job. it is really getting on my nerves ok! NO i don't know what i want to do and NO i haven't had any job interviews recently. i am sorry that not that many people have jobs open and no i am not going to apply to mcdonalds.....i didn't just spend 4 years in college to work there. i think i should get a better job than that. i guess that sounds bad but seriously! i wouldn't mind being a manager there but not many of those jobs open right now. sometimes i just want to get up a leave and go somewhere else but every time i say that, my parents laugh at me saying that i wouldn't do that. ha! sometimes i just want to show them. i just don't know what i want to do.
sorry for all the complaining. it just bothers me that everyone seems to be on my case.

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