July 01, 2008

vacation and graduation

so i have 1 more class before the first session of summer school is over. i know i got an A in my management class! i can get as high as an A- in my history of globablization class. it depends on how well i do on my final. if i get a 1 on my final i will pass with a D-. i think i have to get a 91 to get an A-and i would have to get over 100 to get an A. but i am hoping for an A- or B. either one will help raise my GPA. i am working on raising my gpa. last semester i was able to raise it up a little. but since i am getting an A this semester i think it will bring it up even more. anyway i have my final on thursday. then i have a long weekend with the 4th of july. then on monday i start my new classes. another management and intro to finance. i have heard that the teacher for finance is really hard but hopefully she will be easier in the summer. it is either it is finance or statistics in the summer and i am not trying statistics in the summer. anyway i just need to keep thinking that i will be graduating in less than 6 months so i can take the pain for a little while. that is a little scary to think about that i am graduating so close. i guess i am more scared about getting a job. what if no one wants to hire me? i didn't want to go through 4 years of college and no summers off and trying to figure out what i want to do to not get a job. i think the most awesome place to work would be google. it sounds like the best place to work. go to youtube and search for google videos. it will give you a bunch of videos on google and how awesome it is.

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