September 23, 2007

so i have gotten into buying things on so i recently started a seller's account too to sell some old or duplicate books that i have or just books that i don't want anymore. i think there are only like 5 things on there. but here is a link to my seller's account. if anyone that reads this would like me to sell something for them then just tell me. also i have made a wish list on there. so i was thinking that i can keep that up to date and then i won't have to keep telling everyone at christmas and birthdays what i want. because i can never remember what exactly i want when i am asked. so this is kind of easier. and any random person can buy me something if they feel like it i guess since it is public. i wonder if i can make it so that only a few selected people can see it. like i know i can make it either public or private but is there something in between? oh well here is a link.

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