December 28, 2007

i think i have been scammed....

so on facebook you can earn acebucks. then you can bid on stuff and now they have it that you can buy stuff from people on there. i have been scammed so many times. first was for an apple computer. only a 1000 acebucks. so i bought it. never heard from the person. tried to e-mail them. never ever heard from them. big scam. i couldn't even get a refund! then i tried to buy a psp. then the person told me that he didn't have it anymore. why would you list it if you didn't have it? at least i got a refund and the person actually told me that he didn't have it. he didn't ignore me like the first person. so now i bought another apple computer a macbook pro. a really good computer. the person was really nice and told me that she would send it out and it might get there before christmas or the day after. it has been a week since i bought it and i haven't gotten it yet. and it was one that i actually had to pay her for shipping. she hasn't answered my e-mails since either. i have been asking to see if she had a tracking number or something so i would know when to expect it. not a word. and then this morning i saw that she got a bad feedback rating. someone was saying she is really nice and everything just to get you to buy something and then you don't get anything. so now i am really worried. and i am not sure exactly what to do. i am so mad at myself that i could actually get something really nice for myself for cheap.

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