June 18, 2007


so i really haven't updated this thing in a while. sorry! i am not sure if people actually read this anyway. oh well. summer school has been really stressful and life has been so mean to me. it is a cruel world out there. hopefully i will graduate next may. if i pass everything. nothing is going right for me right now. hopefully next may everything will be right again. i won't feel... lost... pressure... confused... stressed...overwhelmed... lonely... disappointed in myself and everything else i do/can't do/wish i could do... it only seems that i can get away from it by reading (not stuff for school though!!! which i wish i wouldn't do) or being with my dogs or eating (which isn't helping either). i wish i could go away for a while. on a very long vacation where i don't have to do anything except have fun and not worry about everything.

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