November 26, 2007


so thanksgiving was pretty cool. it was fun to have everyone home. lots of food. now murphy is here to live with us until after christmas!! :) i signed up for my classes for next semester. we went to hasta la pasta for my parents anniversary. it was the first time i have ever been there. it was pretty good. i saw shrek the third for the first time this weekend. the first and second ones are definitly better.
so the only bad thing this weekend was that i got sick right before thanksgiving. i am still a little bit sick. but recovering. i think i have a super cold or something. i have had my flu shot so i don't have to worry about getting that. but this is the second cold i have had this semester.
i sold my first item on! yea! i haven't gotten the feedback ratings yet but i sent it the same day as they ordered it so they can't complain about that.

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