August 13, 2007


so i am now on my 1 week vacation. i am ready for the fall in the sense that i have paid for my tuition and parking and all the stupid fees and that i have money for books but i am not ready because i just finished summer school last friday! i haven't gotten my grades yet either but i do know that in my INTB class i got a 100 on the final. but we had a paper in the class that they haven't finished grading yet so i can't figure out what my grade is but hopefully an A! i don't know about my other class. probably a B. i guess i will just have to wait.
my brother and grandfather are coming to visit next week which is also the week i start school. at least it is the first week and i probably won't have much work to do. just buy books and all that fun stuff.
and after a month i finally got my car back. no work done to it either! stupid state farmer people. i told my parents we should rethink renewing our car insurance with them. but my mom said that we have our house insurance with them too so i don't know if they want to change all that. oh well. maybe they will rethink about paying to fix it but they are being really stupid about it. now they want to put an "unrepairable" title to it. when i heard that i thought it was so stupid! it is a couple of dents and a small crack in the window. does that sound "unrepairable" to you? NO! unrepairable to me is something like the front end being totally smashed in like you ran into a wall and to fix it you would have to fix the engine and the whole front of the car. but a couple of dents and a crack is not that bad.

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