April 24, 2007

its my birthday!!

so today i turned 21!! i can't really believe it!! i got a new bigger tv for my room that i got to pick out! and we got an extra long cable cord and strung it down the hall so now i have cable in my room!! :) that is my favorite present. maybe i will post a picture of it here later!
the semester is almost over! i am so glad! i have 2 test this week and then a final next week and then i am done! then i get almost a month off before summer school starts! i am glad that i get some time off!
for my entreprenuerism class we had to start a business and had to come up with a business plan like we were really going to start it. i am so proud of it! we got a 100 and so everyone in my group made a copy of it because it feels like the best thing we have ever done! i think i will take a picture of it and post up here too!

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