January 20, 2005


after my last post i thought of tons of stuff to post about and now i have forgotten again. i am sure i will remember eventually remember maybe i will look at some websites and then maybe i will remember.
on the way home from school today i was going through this neighborhood and these dogs were just walking across the road. i hope they find their way home again.
it is now the weekend!!! yeah!!!! but i am going to start my math homework in a little while. someone in my math class asked today when the homework is due and it isn't due until the day of the test. i think that is great. it gives you more time to do it and figure it out. but i don't think many people have done it yet because it shows how many people have registered and there are only 4 people registered last time i looked.
i love the computers at school. well i mainly like the internet. it is so much faster than the internet i have here.

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