January 31, 2005

its raining

i love my computer class.........it is so easy!!! anyway, it is raining. i love rain!!! except i really don't like driving and walking in it.
on saturday was the swimming districts. ainsley made it in both of her events. i was surprised by how many people from our team made it to regions. so my parents went out to dinner with some other parents from the team so i had to get my own dinner. so i got a small cheese pizza from Papa Johns and i rented some movies from Hollywood Video. ainsley went to Hooters with the team. it was the first time she has been there. i have had 2500 views of my page!!! yeah!! i am excited!!! i wonder if it is all of the same people that comment or that tons of people look at my page and don't comment. feel free to comment!!! if you don't want to comment about what i say you can just say hi or tell me a little bit about yourself or give me a suggestion about what i should talk about.

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