January 16, 2005


school starts on tuesday. guess what i noticed today? that i only have 3 days of school this week!!! because monday is a holiday and fridays i don't have school so i only have 3 days of school. last friday i went out to school to see where my classes were and i got my id done. i checked to see if they had my books and they did so when my mom got home we went back to get them. they cost almost as much as my tuition!!! my computer class books i had to buy new because they didn't have any used ones. all the rest are used though. my us history class has tons of books to read. so i got them all and i still have the reciet so i can return anything i don't need. i had fun in college station. we went to freebirds. that was so good!!! i got a shirt too. i am wearing it today. i am a little nervous about starting school but at least i have an easy week.

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