January 19, 2005

so many complaints

So now it posts the 2 posts that I wrote this morning. I had to go edit and post them again. Oh well you can just read about it twice!! I like all my classes so far. But in my math class we have this thing called MyMathLab. It is this online thing that we do our homework on. But when I go try to register it gives me lots of crap because we have to have this course id that the teacher gives us. So when I enter it in and it comes back with this message that says that today's date isn't within the registration dates or something. I have tried it so many times. It makes me so mad!!!! And homework is like 20% of the final grade!!! And it is so easy because this thing checks your answers before you submit them and lets you go back and fix it so it is pretty much guaranteed 100!!!!! so i have e-mailed my teacher and hopefully he knows what to do!!!!
my mom should be here in like an hour or 2 so i think i will work on homework. just some more math problems and then lots of reading. the only thing i really need to do before tomorrow is the math problems and read 11 pages for english. the rest of the reading is due by monday.
hopefully my car will be fixed soon!!!!

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