January 19, 2005

these things make me mad some times

grrr....i just tried to post this really long post and it didn't post it!!! so i will try again!! yesterday was very exciting. (and very scary at least for me!!!) i was leaving school and i was almost out of the parking lot when my car just stopped going. even though i pressed the gas it wouldn't go. it just made that reving sound. and i was like in the middle of the parking lot!!! so i got the policeman that patrols the parking lot to help me get it into a spot and then i called the towtruck people (i guess known as AAA) anyway they said that a truck would be there in an hour. well it took them more like 2 hours. so i didn't get home until like 5:15pm when i should have been home at like 2pm. so now my mom gets to take me to and from school until my car is fixed. i haven't been taken to school by someone else in a long time. i am glad they have lots of computers here. so i can post and check my e-mail and stuff.

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