January 19, 2005

so today is the second day of school. you would not believe what happened yesterday. school went well. i liked all the teachers i had yesterday. and i got out early of each class because the teacher mainly went over what we were doing this semester and then let us go. so i got to leave at like 1:30 pm instead of at like 2:30pm. well as i was leaving my car acting so funny. when i tried to accelerate, it would just reve or however you spell that. it just wouldn't go anywhere. so the policeman that patrols the parking lot helped me get the car into a parking spot and i call the towtruck. it was the first time i have ever had to have the car towed and i got to ride in the towtruck. so instead of getting home at like 2pm i got home at 5:15. it took almost 2 hours for the guy to get here. and then like 45 minutes to get to the repair shop. i was so scared. they think it might be the transmission or something in that system or the thing that you shift gears with might be broken. i don't care what it is as long as the repair people know how to fix it!!! so my mom has to take me to school and pick me up from school. that is why i am here so early posting from the school computers. i don't have a class for another hour!!!
and it was so cute!! i was in the bathroom here and this lady came in with her little son and he was so cute. he starts counting and saying the cutest things. i think they have a preschool here for the people that have little kids. there are a lot of different kinds of people here. and it isn't all minority people either there are tons of white people here too. you can pretty much meet anyone here.

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