January 10, 2005

so not much has been going on. i start school in a week. i am pretty much ready. but i have been enjoying this short extra vacation. but i have gotten a little bored. so i guess it is time to get out of my dream world and get into the real world of school. and maybe eventually a job. i don't mind the school part but i am not wild about getting a job. i guess that is why i am taking such a long time getting one. i mean i have applied places but it isn't my fault that they don't hire me. at least i don't have a family to support. i actually know people my age that have kids already. like there was this guy that was in my english and chemistry class 2 years ago that has already had a kid. well his girlfriend has. i am not sure if they are married or not but they have had a kid because i have seen a picture of it. well nothing much to write about because i haven't done much except for going to the gym and registering my car and reading a lot.
last week i had to go stand in line at the courthouse to register one of our cars because i had to get new licsense plates for the car!! it is really wierd because they make you get new licsense plates if your current ones are more than 7 years old. and then guess what? the next day we got the registration notice on another one of our cars and it has to get new plates too!!! so i have to go back up there and stand in line again!!! it is really nice just to go up to randall's to register it but my mom said they won't do it if you have to get new plates. you have to go to the courthouse to do that. oh well i don't have anything else to do.

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