June 03, 2004

yeah! i am going to see harry potter tonight!!at midnight!! yeah!! i am excited!! i am going with some very close pals(robin!!!! and christine!!!)!!! lots of excitement here if you can't tell. i can't wait to see the part were hermione hits malfoy!! that is so cool!! yeah!!anyway i think iam going to get a tv and dvd player tommorrow for my room. i probably wont take it to college but i want to have one in my room so i can play my gamecube as loud as i want without being yelled at to turn it down or someone saying turn it off. anyway the tv that i have my gamecube on is like as old as i am!! i had to get a special connector to be able to play on it!! it doesn't have those a/v outlets! doesn't that tell you something?the coloring of it is awful! anyway later i will report what i think of harry potter! you know it is like $9.50 a ticket!! that is so expensive!! and i thought $6.50 was expensive!

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