June 26, 2004

long weekend

i am pooped. i got up at 4:45 AM!!!if i get up that early for you... you know that i really like you. still haven't been paid yet but hopefully i will be paid on monday so i have money to go see spider man 2. after all this swimming stuff...guess what i get to do!! clean out my room!!! because ther is a whole bunch of stuff in my room that i will probably never use!! but i think i will spread that job out over the rest of summer. i still have like 2 months of summer. ainsley only has 6 weeks!i am thinking that i could have a garage sale at the end of summer. anyone else want to join me so we will have more to sell? it is just a thought. no definite plan yet. don't even know if i will get past the cleaning out part. i probably need clean sweep to come to my room and help me clean out my room. anyone else seen clean sweep on tlc? i am thinking about going and doing a whole clean sweep but not in 2 days more like 2 months. but i am lazy and if i finish cleaning out my room this summer that would be a very good accomplishment!!! anyone notice how i finally figured out how to get only one comment link on my page? because Blogger builds in a comment link into your page. but i like Halo better because it just brings a little pop up page on top of the blog page. but the way blogger's comment works is that it brings up a page with just that one post and the comments below it in the current window so you can't see all my post just one. i hope you guys understand what i am saying. i know what i mean.

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