June 01, 2004

i saw raising helen today. it was pretty good. there were only like 4 people in the movie theater!!it started at 10:15am so that is probably why. i like going that early because there are no lines and not a lot of people there to bug you. i hate it when there is a little kid behind you kicking your seat and being totally annoying and you can't concentrate on the movie! but you don't want to turn around and bother more people by yelling at the stupid kid. it is june 1st!! yeah. it is really starting to feel like summer other than the fact that it is 93 degrees outside and but it feels like 100 degrees. 2 summers ago when i went to visit my grandma in august...it felt so good!! it was like in the 70 which isnt that cold but they didn't have the humidity like we do so it felt so much cooler. it felt so good!!i was flying on delta and the one i was riding on was one of those small planes that can't pull up to one of those arms so you have to go down the stairs and walk to the terminal you know? so when i first stepped out at cincinnate i was like wow!! i totally wasnt expecting it!! it felt just as good in new york!! but it started warming up towards the end of my trip! and then i went to my first real train station on that trip too because my dad was riding up on the train from charlottesville to come home with me. he was helping andrew move in. and it was perfect timing with my trip so my grandma and i went to pick him up from the train station. i wish we had passenger trains down here. it would actually be a good idea to have one that comes from out here to downtown but i don't think they should extend the lightrail. that thing is so terrible! my mom has ridden it once when we met her at the rodeo and she was coming straight from work. instead of moving her car from her parking lot where she has unlimited access to the rodeo, she just rode the lightrail. she said it was real slow and it pretty much goes in a straight line and she had to walk a ways to get on it so it is pointless. and it has been in like 40 accidents so far! it has only been open like 5 months!! i want to ride on a train! i have been on the subway in washington dc but that isn't the same!! anyone have any ideas on road trips or just plain trips? i want to plan a trip and make it look like i did a good job in research on a trip so that maybe my parents will see how bad i want to go on a good vacation this year. most of the time our trips involve swim meets!! last year we went to port aransas and stayed praticly on the beach. you could walk from the hotel to the beach! that was pretty good! but i would have like to stay longer and it was sort of rushed because we finally got it planned onlyu a couple of weeks in advanced! and we came back like a day before school started. i know that won't happen this year because ainsley starts before i do but still.

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