June 02, 2004

i can't believe it is already june!!i just have a couple more weeks left of my job too! 3 weeks left! we have this weekends meet against norchestar. next week we are swimming oak creek village. then we have divisionals. then the invitationals. then i am done!! yeah!! i am still trying to get my parents to let me go somewhere! anyone have any suggestions? in just a little over a week i have my freshman orientation!! my parents are saying that is a vacation but yeah right! that is school!anyway that is only 3 hours away!! ok i was just looking at the norchestar information sheet and their computer person doesn't have an e-mail address!! i hope that doesn't mean that i have to go up to norchestar and give him the entries on a disk! that is too much work. i am getting paid but not that much!!ok i am just lazy!anyway i will call him and see what is going on. he might have an email address and just not written it down. lets hope so!

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