June 16, 2004

hey! i am back from orientation. i got to sign up for my classes yesterday too!!i got the scedule i wanted too. i only have 1 8:00am class and it is only on tuesday and thursday. i also got it so i am done by 12:15 on most days. i have sfa 101 at 3:00pm on mondays and wednesdays but that isn't too bad. it gives me a very long lunch break and then i am done after that class. i also got my student id made. it looks horrible! i have this weird look on my face and i am all red and everything. but the cool thing is that they made it right there and gave it to you like a minute after your picture is taken. anyway i had fun! but they ran us ragged. we had something to do from 8:00am to like 11:15pm! i was so tired then when i came home i had to help finish up entries because they were due last night and i had a board meeting to got to and i didn't get home until 9:15! i was so tired! i just got up like an hour ago!! anyway this weekend is going to be so busy!! because i have entries to do for invitationals and a whole bunch of stuff to do for the banquet on sunday. i hope it rains some more today i like rain when you don't have to go anywhere and stuff. but this fall i am taking sfa 101, geography 133, pyschology 131, political science 141, english 133, and art 281. all of my classes are morning classes except for sfa 101 which is at 3:00. and english is my only 8:00 classes all the other ones are at 9:00, 10:00 or 11:00am so it isn't too early or too late and i will have the afternoons off! but i will probably be doing homework or something so i will be busy but the afternoons will be on my time!! yeah!!!

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