June 07, 2004

hey! i am back! i got an antenna today for my tv and a whole bunch of hook ups so i can have my dvd player play on my tv. my parents still haven't figured out that i have a tv! but my dad is the only parent home and he never goes into my room. ainsley got home yesterday. i realized how much i enjoyed her not being here. she is just a pain in the butt!!! anyway she hasn't noticed either. i am sure the first one to notice will be mom but she probably won't notice until wednesday.the team computer is acting funkie it has a virus that i can't get rid of because you have to have some subscription to get rid of it and i don't have the money to get it and i am not going to spend it on a computer that isn't mine!!i am suggesting to the board to look into a new computer for next year. don't know if they will because they probably spent all their money already....hope they can pay me!! i know last year they ran out of money before they could even pay andrew!!! it was bad!!

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