June 18, 2004

My life is rated PG.
What is your life rated?

First ...

Job: Computer person for the Raveneaux Racers
Screen name: Hawkeyepierce04
Pet: 1 dog and 1 cat
Piercing: 2 per ear
Tattoo: none! i respect my body
Credit card: none
Kiss: never been kissed! unless my relatives count
Best friend: many :D
Wedding: went to kari andersons and my best friend's brothers wedding

Last ...

Car ride: silver taurus
Kiss: never been kissed
Movie watched: the terminal
Beverage drank: coke
Food consumed: pretzel
Phone call: mom
Road trip: to SFA
Time showered: thursday
CD played: the simpson soundtrack
Time you cooked from scratch: brownies
Time you cut your toenails: last week

Now ...

Single or Taken: single but wish i was taken
Sex: female
Birthday: April 24
Sign: taurus
Siblings: sister and brother
Hair color: brownish
Eye color: blue
Shoe size: 9
Height: 5'4.75"
Wearing: blue shorts, port aransas shirt, socks and shoes
Drinking: nada
Thinking about: aaron jackson and a special hug from a special person at graduation
Listening to: the tv as i am typing this

got a survey from other people's blogs and some fun quizes to relieve my bordom but i am bored again!

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